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5 Tips for Clarifying Your Church's Brand Messaging

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 19, 2017


There’s nothing more detrimental to a brand or business than cloudy, unclear messaging. Think about it. Is there anything more frustrating than logging on to a church website to find out more about who they are and what they do only to be left more confused than ever after reading their copy, checking out their design, or listening to some of their content?

Believe it or not, what's true for a company is true for your church.


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[Survey] Easter Giveaway from Clover Sites

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 17, 2017

April 16th is Coming.

I know you're excited about how you will celebrate in your church. And the Easter season will be here before we know it! 

We introduced Christmas graphics in 2016, and we want to build on this new tradition and give away an Easter bonus, too! Let's develop more traditions with our Clover family.

However, we want to make sure we're being as helpful as we can and helping your church succeed. So we've put together a quick survey. 

We've done some brainstorming of ideas for your church this Easter, but we want to know what would help your ministry the most. 

Easter Survey 2017

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Six Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Donors

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 12, 2017

Fact: giving of any kind requires sacrifice on the part of your community.

When you choose to spend your money somewhere, you’re giving up the opportunity to spend it somewhere else. And when people in your congregation say “yes” to giving to your ministry, they’re subsequently saying “no” to using it somewhere else. That’s sacrifice.

The act of giving to your church means your people made the choice to give up something else in favor of supporting your ministry.

And that’s not something we as church leaders should ignore!

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4 Reasons Your Church Website Might Be Keeping Visitors Away

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 10, 2017



Newsflash: your church website is important.

Okay, that’s probably not a newsflash to most of you! It’s obvious we at Clover know this is true. Our entire company is based on helping churches create professional, effective websites designed to connect and communicate with people both in and out of your congregation.

While maintaining a successful website is important for reaching the people in your congregation, it’s even more important

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#CloverStories from the 2016 Christmas Church Website Giveaway

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 9, 2017


Who Did You Bless This Christmas? 

Thanks to our amazing Clover customers, we were able to give away hundreds of church websites last month.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We were so blessed by this and want to share some of the stories we heard from you.  

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What to Consider When Featuring Your Church Staff Online

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 6, 2017


In thinking about your church website, one of the best ways to approach it is to ask yourself: what is a visitor looking to find here? While that leaves a lot of ground to cover, we think that most visitors are to your site are generally looking to answer two questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you about?
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4 Ways to Develop Your Church's Social Media Presence

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 4, 2017

As church leaders, you know better than anyone that staying connected with your people is essential to the life and growth of your church. While it would be nice if you had the time to call every church member to check in weekly, take every visitor to coffee to introduce them, or contact everyone in your congregation personally to remind them of an upcoming event, we all know that’s just not going to happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way you could quickly and easily connect with people on a regular basis to start conversations, encourage them with truth, and keep them up to date on all that’s going on at your church?

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How to Create Clear Next Steps for Your Church Website Visitors

Posted by Joanna Gray on December 21, 2016

So you’ve done it… you’ve put in the hard work to make an incredible website for your church. And what’s more, you’ve done what feels impossible at times and gotten an increase in visitors to your site.

 Now what?

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Who Will You Bless This Christmas? Free Clover Church Website Giveaway

Posted by Joanna Gray on December 19, 2016

Attention Clover Customers:

Did you see the news? Until the December 31st, you can share the love and give away a Clover website -- FOR FREE.  Details here. 

If you haven't yet, we need your help to spread the word and help your favorite ministry.

We're so excited to hear how you use this gift. Our goal is to bless as many people as possible, and we hope you end up as excited about this as we are!

Here's How it Works:The idea is simple and beautiful. Just like Clover Sites.   

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[Free eBook] Annual Giving Statements: Surprise & Delight Your Givers

Posted by Joanna Gray on December 16, 2016

We want to take a moment in this busy Christmas season to help you get some paperwork out of the way. This isn't a regular blog post where we tell you how to do the SEO things, improve your online giving platform, or make quick website improvements.

Those are all good things, but today we want to share a great new resource with you. 

It seems like a "boring legal document" to send Annual Statements (don't worry, you have til late January!), but it doesn't have to feel like a "boring legal document" when your donors read them.

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