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[Free Resource] Pre-Written Content for Your Church Website

Posted by Joanna Gray on March 16, 2017

Pre-written Content for your church website:

  • Make it fast and easy to launch your new website.
  • Easy to use, easy to share Google Doc full of options for your church.

Use these Pre-writen Church Website Content to make your church website really pop. It really can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 to build your church website.

 Three Steps to Build A Church Website:

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Green Thumbs: Mosaic Seattle

Posted by Joanna Gray on March 14, 2017

One of the best things about working with you all to create their websites is seeing the finished product up and running. We love seeing churches feel confident in not only creating their sites, but also in putting it out there for their people. And we love being able to share some of those sites with you!

This month, we’re taking a look at Mosaic Community Church in Seattle. Take a look at their finished website at www.mosaic-seattle.org and read on for more on how Clover helped their team create a product they are proud to share!

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How to Manage A Church Office Team

Posted by Joanna Gray on March 9, 2017

One of the hardest parts about church office leadership is figuring out how to build, manage, and maintain your team.

In other words: how do you lead your church team well?Whether your team consists of just ten people or is made up of hundreds, the need to lead and manage them well is great. They’re the people who help make your ministry happen.

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[Free On-Demand Webinar] How to Preach Effectively on Your Church Website

Posted by Joanna Gray on March 2, 2017


Check out our new On-Demand Webinar (watch it whenever you want!) and learn the benefits of posting your sermons online. This webinar is only 15 minutes, but can change your church website forever. 

Increase your impact and expand your reach by putting your sermons on your church website. 

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How and Why to Talk About Money at Your Church

Posted by Joanna Gray on February 23, 2017

"Next Sunday, we’ll kick off a series on money here at our church."

Do you hate making announcements like that at your church? Did any of you just cringe at the thought? If you so, don’t worry, you’re in good company!

Most people (church leaders included) struggle with how to approach the subject of finances at church. It can be awkward. It can be confusing. It can be convicting. And because of those and many other reasons just like them, people aren’t sure how (or even if) they should address money in church.

When it comes to talking money in the church, most seem to fall in to one of two categories:

  1. Avoid the subject completely out of fear of making anyone uncomfortable.
  2. Harp on the matter by making every one feel guilty  about it almost every week.
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[Free Easter Graphics] Easter Service Image Giveaway

Posted by Joanna Gray on February 17, 2017

Easter is Almost Here

For many pastors and chruch staff Easter is, let's face it, BUSY.

Your “to do” list is probably a mile long (-er than usual)! You do what you do to reach your community and help shepherd your congregation. And, you’re doing great and important work.

We know how hard you work and we'd like to help. A couple weeks ago, we sent out a survey asking how we can help you this Easter. Free Easter Graphics for your services was the clear winner. So here they are! 

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Three Part Guide to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Posted by Joanna Gray on February 14, 2017

Question: have you ever put together a fundraising campaign at your church?

You know what we mean, right? Not just your typical Sunday morning offering or your routine time for tithe. We’re talking about a scheduled and calendared campaign designed to raise support for a specific aspect of your ministry. Whether you’re looking to raise money to send your students on a mission trip, hoping to fund the building of a new campus, or simply looking to generate support to give back to a project in the community, you want to make sure you run your fundraising campaign well.

The difference between a good fundraising campaign and a bad fundraising campaign means the difference of dollars and trust for your ministry.

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Four Ways to Make Donations Easy at Your Church

Posted by Joanna Gray on February 9, 2017

Some of the most potentially awkward moments of your Sunday morning service probably center around the offering. With so many misconceptions out there about the church and money, the task of talking to your congregation about GIVING can be a challenge for church leaders.

Believe it or not, the subject of giving doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can actually be one of the best parts of your service if you approach it with the right heart.

Most people in your congregation not only want to give to your church, but feel as though God has called them to do so.

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4 Reasons Video Needs a Place on Your Church Website

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 26, 2017

When it comes to your church website, content is key. We certainly think written content is important. However, in a digital age it’s not always words that are going to draw people in to your site. In terms of content, words are great. Audio is interesting. Photos grab attention. But video can change the game.

Creating compelling and engaging videos for your church website takes storytelling to another level.

Videos are going to truly catch the eye of your visitors and draw them in to your site. A good video is

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5 Tips for Better Church Website Blogging

Posted by Joanna Gray on January 24, 2017


As websites have developed over the years, blogs have become more and more of an important feature online. Yes, even church websites are jumping on the blog bandwagon.


Well, for starters a blog…

  • Gives you a place to continue the conversation with your congregation beyond Sunday mornings.
  • Is a great place to expand on the big things happening in your ministry.
  • Creates shareable content for you to post to your social media channels to engage your followers.

And that’s just to name a few!

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