Your Ultimate Resource Kit for a Socially Distanced Christmas Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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Your Ultimate Resource Kit for a Socially Distanced Christmas

The term “unprecedented” has been used a lot to describe the events of this year. And that theme continues into the Christmas season with so much uncertainty around lockdowns and self-quarantines. All those family gatherings and church functions are going to be put on hold or drastically reduced in response to the ongoing battle against COVID-19 breakouts. This means that more individuals are going to be stuck at home for the holidays, while churches are cancelling or modifying Christmas traditions in an effort to slow the spread and protect the health and well-being of their congregants.

Thankfully, churches nowadays have so many ways they can stay connected with their people through the use of technology and online engagement. To help your church find more ways to come alongside your people at home, we’ve put together this special Socially Distanced Christmas Kit that includes:

  • Six Ways You Can Use Your ChMS for a Socially Distanced Christmas
  • Your Ultimate Christmas Guide & Giving Scripts
  • Christmas Congregation Care Ebook
  • A Guide to Live-Streaming Your Christmas Service
  • Six Ways to Get Your Church Website Ready for Christmas
  • Christmas Service Mini Movie & Media Collection
  • Kids Christmas Bible Comics