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By: The Clover Team

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Why Your Church Needs to Use the Power of Visuals to Promote Events

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Church events are a powerful way to bring in new visitors and help current members to engage in community.  They connect people and further the message of the gospel in methods outside of Sunday service. Many people want to dig deeper into community but they’re not sure how. Hosting events at your church can provide this unity and togetherness.  

Your church probably has some great events throughout the year. You spend time planning and preparing, getting volunteers scheduled and organized, and you make sure to announce the event on Sunday mornings, so people know about it.  

All of that is necessary, but are you using visuals to also help promote these events? Many people remember information much better if they see it as well as hear it. And we’re not only talking about seeing words but actual images, graphics, and motion visuals. In fact, if an image is paired with information, people will remember 65% of that info three days later!  

Check out the benefits below and learn how using visuals can help promote your church events.  

Church media makes the event information more appealing and memorable.  

If you and your teams are spending all this time and effort to create an amazing event for people to attend, you don’t want that time and effort to be wasted if nobody shows up. This can happen if you don’t promote the event properly—maybe people didn’t know about it with enough advance notice, or maybe it wasn’t shared enough times for people to really hear about it.  

But one way to help people remember about the events that you are promoting is to use visuals. Like we stated earlier, more people will remember information longer if it is paired with some sort of graphic or picture. So, include the important event info on an appealing graphic.  

This will allow people to visually digest it much faster (the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text) and they’ll remember it for longer periods of time. Hopefully this will help you cut back on answering the same question repeatedly, “When is that church event again?”  

Visuals can give people an idea of what to expect. 

Text is great, but visuals can further allow people to have an idea of what to expect at your next event. If you tie in photos from the annual event from last year, prospective attendees can see what sort of things might happen. They’ll be able to relate even more and perhaps desire to attend because they see people like them doing things that are of interest to them.  

You could even list out what to expect in a visually appealing way. Create a cool background with expectations listed in bullet points, numbers, or icons. Share event info with the color scheme of the event or retreat.  

People want to know what they’re getting themselves into ahead of time, so having visuals can help them understand how great your event will be. 

People can associate the promotions with your church.  

Using church media is a great way to reinforce your church’s branding. What better way to do this than through the events you’re promoting? These events will hopefully align with the goals of your church and help further the mission. Your brand can help people identify your church (and mission) simply by seeing visuals.  

Your team can include pieces of your brand guide—church logo, fonts, color palette, etc.—in the promotions. That way, when people view that promo on social media, the church website, or in the email blast, they’ll instantly associate it with your church.  

Having a church brand and visuals that align with it will help to bring familiarity for people; this is something especially helpful for people attending something new who might feel a little nervous.  

Many people are visual learners.  

Aside from church media looking great, many people (65% of the population) are visual learners. People can process visual information more efficiently than by reading text because the content is summarized into smaller, easier-to-process chunks. 

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So why not provide graphics and photos when you’re promoting events? You could be missing out on more than half of your target audience if you only announce (auditory) the event from the stage or share it only with text copy. Consider creating videos or motion graphics to go along with stationary visuals and text.  

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This is all great, but what if you don’t have a graphics designer or a professional photographer on staff or in your pool of volunteers? No problem! Clover Media has over 90,000 media resources to help you reach more people, including through your events! Contact us today to learn more; we are happy to partner with your church to reach more people for Christ by engaging people through visual content.