Introducing the new church website theme from CloverSites: Tradition! Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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Introducing the new church website theme from CloverSites: Tradition!

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Introducing the latest church website theme from CloverSites: Tradition!



The CloverSites team has been helping churches of all sizes and denominations build beautiful websites for years! We know that you want your site to reflect the message and values of your church. With the release of Tradition, your church can showcase your history and traditional values embodied in an elegant, simplistic design that makes it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Our Tradition theme was designed to reflect a sense of tranquility and peace. Much like walking into a centuries old cathedral Tradition boasts beautiful and appealing architecture. From it’s clean lines and well formed sections to it’s clear and crisp font choices this new theme evokes a timeless elegance that will serve you, your church, and your community for years to come. 

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All the Essentials

Behind the scenes Tradition is supported by the amazing Clover Sites Content management system. This means your site is: 

  • Responsive - As beautiful on your tablet and phone as it is on your desktop
  • Powerful - We’ve got everything you need - Sermons, Events, Prayer, Forms and more. 
  • Simple - We’ve built a system that makes getting your site up and running incredibly simple.
  • Supported - Our passionate support team is dedicated to ensuring your experience with Clover Sites is nothing short of excellent. 
  • And More…

Next Steps

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