Top Church Communicator Resources Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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Top Church Communicator Resources

As a church communicator, you have such a unique roll on the church staff. You aren’t necessarily an administrator, but you probably have some administration duties. You aren’t necessarily a minister, but you may have ministerial duties. You aren’t necessarily a tech guru, and yet you are the go-to person when it comes to technology.

Not only that, but I love to describe church communications as a “ministry to the ministries.” Basically you are busy trying to serve your staff and communicate information about their events, so that they can effectively serve others.

It’s a lot and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone.

lonely clover

This is the part where if you stopped reading, you’d feel super depressed. The good news is that it doesn’t stop here! You aren’t alone in this role! There are communities out there and resources available.

To get you started, here are a few of our favorite resources for church communicators:


Did you know that there are actual Facebook groups out there full of church communicators? These groups are places you can ask questions, learn tips and tricks, and just gain some encouragement from people in the same role as you. Check out:


We all know that a big part of communication is presentation! But what if you aren’t a graphic designer by trade? There are design resources out there created for the very purpose of making you look good. Can I get a hallelujah?!

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  • Sharefaith Media - Choose from 90,000 images, templates, and pre-designed files to use on your website, in your services, and around your church.
  • Canva - An online graphic design program. It’s like Photoshop, but easier!

Project Management

Because church communications can often be (or feel like) a one-man show, staying organized is key to managing your time well and staying on task. A Project Management software may be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Chat Tools

Is your team still communicating solely via email? If so, implementing a chat tool could help you to get those quick questions answered and 2 minute conversations over easily. Here are a few we love:

Online Resources

Whether you are looking for inspiration, encouragement, information, or even other resources, there are sites out there designed just for you -- a church communicator. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Ekklesia 360 blog - Ekklesia 360 is a church website design company that focuses on custom websites and strategy for churches. Their blog has a wealth of information for churches.
  • The Unstuck Group - This site’s main goal is to help churches get “unstuck”. They offer free tools, planning guides, and practical advice for goal setting and healthy leadership.
  • Church Relevance - They have a little bit of everything: free graphics, downloadable inspirational videos, and articles ranging from live streaming to church website tips.


When I was little, my grandma used to take me to the library and say, “what do you want to learn about today?” While this may seem cliche, the library is full of great resources, even for church communicators.

Finally, know that here at Clover, we want to be a resource for you too in everything from church websites to online giving to live streaming. We want to make the Gospel known, and love coming alongside you in ministry.