5 Tips for Better Church Website Blogging Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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5 Tips for Better Church Website Blogging

Best Practices


As websites have developed over the years, blogs have become more and more of an important feature online. Yes, even church websites are jumping on the blog bandwagon.


Well, for starters a blog…

  • Gives you a place to continue the conversation with your congregation beyond Sunday mornings.
  • Is a great place to expand on the big things happening in your ministry.
  • Creates shareable content for you to post to your social media channels to engage your followers.

And that’s just to name a few!

Now before you get overwhelmed with questions about your blog (Who’s going to write it? What do you say? How do I launch it? How do you post to it?), remember, we’re here to help!

Developing a blog for your church doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, it can actually be fun!

And we’re here to help make sure creating and running your church blog is both simple and successful. Here are five tips we think can help you create a consistent and engaging blog for your church website!


1. Determine Your Direction.

Before you put any content together, you have to determine the overall direction of your blog—the why behind your posts. Determining the why will help you narrow down what to post about on your blog. Having a clear direction and goal in mind for your blog will give it more focus and clarity as well as help you avoid wasting time aimlessly writing!


2. Keep it Connected to Your Mission.

A church blog is much different than a personal blog. Your church blog is a place to truly highlight and celebrate the mission and message of your church. Make sure that all of your posts connect back to, elaborate on, or support the mission of your church. Before posting any content to the site, ask yourself, how does this relate to the mission and message of our church? If you can’t answer that question clearly, it’s not a good idea to post it to your site.


3. Designate (or Build) a Team.

Consistency is a huge key to having a successful blog. And one huge key to making sure you keep your blog consistent and well done is to have at least one person on your team take ownership of it. If you have the means, putting together a small team is even better! It allows at least one person to keep an eye on maintaining the mission and direction of your blog by keeping an eye on what’s being posted and how often.


4. Create a Calendar.

Another key to consistency on your blog? Planning your posts ahead! Creating a calendar allows you to think through what’s happening at your church and in your community and how you can address or expand on it on your blog. Think about content that matches the sermon series or Scriptures you’re covering on Sundays. Look at what’s happening in different areas of ministry in your church. Have a big student retreat coming up? Add it to your blog calendar. Planning a big baptism Sunday next month? Add that to your calendar. Start small with one post per week and build out your calendar from there!


5. Share It!

Like we said, one of the best things about a blog is that it creates the opportunity to post shareable content that will continue the conversation both on your site and on social media. But in order for that to happen, you have to share the content! Post your blog to your social media accounts. Send it out in an email. Tell your people about it to make it successful and not only get them to take a look, but also to get them to share and send new visitors to your site.

Pro Tip: to keep Clover Sites as simple as it is, we recommend embedding a blog from an outside source. Click here for our support documentation about blogging on Clover Sites.