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5 Things Every Church Needs To Do During COVID-19

By: The Clover Team

While we often think of our church websites as the gateways to our “real churches”, reality has turned upside down for churches around the world as personal ministry is restricted from being done face-to-face. Suddenly, digital ministry serves as the primary tool for hundreds of thousands of churches around the globe and most are realizing that, quite frankly, they weren’t ready for it. The good news however, is that this doesn’t spell the end for ministry. On the contrary, many churches are starting to see how heavily they relied on Sunday mornings to be their only time to interact with their people. Now churches are looking outside of traditional methods to not only survive this time of separation, but thrive and build new bridges of connection. This article will highlight just some of the things you should be doing to engage your people and continue adding to the Kingdom through remote and digital means.

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