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By: Samantha Decker

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[Free Resource] Switching to Clover Give

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So you’ve decided to make the switch to online giving for your church?

Great! In the digital age,  there’s no better way to make giving easy and accessible to your people than to take it online.

But just as with any change in operations at your church, some people in your congregation will jump right in while others will be somewhat hesitant or skeptical. Maybe you have some members who signed up to give online, but aren’t actually doing it yet. Or maybe you have a number of regular tithers who haven’t taken the step to submit their information online. Or maybe you just have a large percentage of your congregation who haven’t signed up online at all.

No matter your situation, your church depends on the gifts and tithes of its people so it’s important that you get all of your congregation on board with online giving.

And we’ve created this resource to help you do just that!

Rather than wonder how to communicate with your people about the switch—what to say and how to say it—we’ve created sample scripts designed to help you as a church leader communicate clearly and efficiently to your people about how they can make the switch to online giving.

In the resource, we provide scripts for each of the following:

  1. Sunday Morning Services
  2. Letter
  3. Bulletin Insert
  4. Phone Call/Voicemail
  5. Email Sequence
  6. Thank you Note

We hope these help you get your congregation on board with Clover Give!

Plus, if you're looking for more information on making the switch, check out this blog post about emphasizing online giving on your church website.