[Free eBook] Seven Pre-Written Giving Scripts Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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[Free eBook] Seven Pre-Written Giving Scripts

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When it comes to ministry, almost everybody wants more resources to reach more people, but hardly anybody is thinking about how to make that a reality. Plus, talking about money can just be really hard.

But, giving scripts are short explanations of how the offering works, plus a call-to-action. They are intentional moments in your church service, and we've already done lots of the hard work for you and created seven scripts for you to use.

LandingPageInsetImage-7GivingScripts.pngWe believe that taking a little time to talk about giving (and online giving) in your church service will help connect the dots between generosity and your church's mission!

Each script has a different feel and angel so you can use the script(s) that are most appropriate for your church :

  • Giving as An Act of Trust
  • Consumer to Contributor
  • Joy in Generosity
  • Much Has Been Given to You
  • God Loves a Cheerful Giver
  • Summertime Stewardship
  • Giving as An Expression of Gratitude

Taking a little time to plan each month will go a long way, and we truly hope this resource is helpful for you.