5 Reasons You Should Try a Free Church Website Demo Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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5 Reasons You Should Try a Free Church Website Demo

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Have you ever gone shopping for that perfect pair of jeans? You probably tried on pair after pair, studying the look and fit of each one before deciding on the best pair for you. Or you just buy a pair and hope it's right -- only to return and repeat the process.

Finding the best design for your church website is no different.

Every church has its own identity—a unique look and feel that is all your own.  And that means every church website should, too!

Designing a website is not a one size fits all process. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to take the time to look around, browse your options, read more about how to create a church website, and maybe even try out a few before you pick the design and service that best suits your church.

At Clover, we call this a demo, and we’ve designed it specifically for users like you! Each of our designs has the same core features and functionality, the look and feel of each is uniquely different. A demo allows you to try everything out, even adding your own content to personalize the site and really "try it on." A demo gives you full flexibility to find the perfect fit for your ministry.

The goal? To give you hands on experience creating a site with Clover and a glimpse at just how incredible your church's site can be.

And that’s just for starters! Read on for five reasons you should try a demo with Clover to enhance your church website.


1. What You See is What You Get. 

You can get started with a demo by visiting Clover online. There you’ll find a variety of templates to choose from both for purchase or just to preview. Once you find a design you like, simply click on it and fill out out a quick form (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!) to get started with your demo. Everything you get with Clover Sites is in front of you on the page. What you see on the demo is exactly what you’ll get for your site. You'll get a page-by-page preview of the site to give you a full idea of what the overall design includes. Simply checking out the preview page gives you a quick idea of whether or not that design will be a good fit for your ministry.


2. You’ll Get the Full Clover Experience.

Once you sign up for a demo, you get access to everything Clover has to offer. You can browse and use the site in your demo as if were a fully functional, live site. This gives you a chance to see exactly what users will see when they visit your site. You also get access to every tool Clover has to edit and update your site (including the one listed below!). If you want to be sure the Clover experience is as user-friendly and simple as we say it is, then a demo is for you!


3. You Get Full Access to the Greenhouse. 

We call our editing system the Greenhouse, and it’s incredibly easy to use! A demo gives you a chance to check out the Greenhouse for yourself. We set you up with access to every editing tool we offer. Just start a demo to get a feel for how the editing process works by updating your demo site just as you would a live one. Add a logo, set up your pages, etc. Give it all a try! In either Easy or Advanced mode, you’ll be able to change everything from color schemes and fonts to page design and layout. Using the Greenhouse will make even the most inexperienced web designer feel like a pro!


4. There’s Plenty of Time.

Once you enter your information and sign up for a demo, you have access to your demo site for 30 days. This gives you plenty of time not only to familiarize yourself with the site and the system, but it gives you plenty of time to share it with other members of your team as well. We've designed it to be ample time for you and your team to get a feel for Clover Sites and make an informed decision about what’s best going forward for your church website design. 


5. You Can Keep It.

So you’ve played around in the demo, added content specific to your church, and created the beginnings of a site to represent your church. Then what? Well, the best part of the demo process with Clover is that when you purchase through the demo, you don’t lose any of the work you’ve done thus far. Any changes, updates, and even content you’ve added to your demo site stays with you when you purchase the site. There’s no need to start over and no time is wasted when you begin your "real" website when you're switching from a demo.