Five Resources To Help You Avoid Ministry Burnout Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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Five Resources To Help You Avoid Ministry Burnout

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Few people work harder than church pastors and leaders. Y'all give your time, energy, and resources (and more) to a great cause. And it’s an incredibly important calling, that’s for sure!

But a job leading any kind of ministry can also be difficult and demanding on its leader. When your life’s work is ministry, it’s easy to sacrifice yourself for the sake of other people. And when that happens consistently over time, burnout is inevitable.

We love church leaders just like you and we value the work you do so much that we want to do everything we can to help you avoid ministry burnout.

The best leaders are healthy leaders.

And that’s exactly the kind of leader we want to encourage each of you to be!

We’ve pulled together some of the best resources we could find -- from across all our networks -- to help you do just that.

Read on for more thoughts, insights, and tips on preventing and overcoming ministry burnout. And staying healthy.

1. Christianity Today: "Overcome Ministry Burnout By Learning to Say 'No'"

2. Cary Nieuwhof: "9 Signs You're Burning Out In Leadership"

3. LifeWay: "6 Things Church Members Need to Know About Pastor Burnout"

4. Thom Rainer: "Seven Keys to Preventing Pastoral Burnout"

5. Outreach Magazine: “How To Avoid Ministry Burnout”