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By: Samantha Decker

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Our Gifts to You: The Power of Church Software Integrations

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As the church administrator, you are the beholder of all the answers. People come to you asking where to give, how to sign-up, how to watch, when events are happening, etc. Answering questions like these is important because it helps your church members know what to do and how to do it. Often, however, the answer to these questions ends up being a list of different links, GoogleDocs, and in-person forms. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful day if you could send one link to everyone who asks you a question? Praise be! That day has come by using church software integrations. 

Church software integrations mean no more printing out a sheet filled with links and taping it to the inside of your cabinet or to the top of your laptop. With your church website as a hub, your members can access what they need when they need it. What makes it even better? These websites are absolutely stunning and are easy-to-use.

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Church Website Integrations

Our team of experts has been in your shoes and we want to make your life easier. Here, you’ll find a list of church website integrations that have been strategically implemented with you in mind. PLUS: we’ve got some amazing Christmas giveaways just for you!

Church Management Software

Imagine the time you could save by having your church management software integrated with your website. No more inputting name after name for the next church Bible study. Now, it’s as simple as church members filling out the forms themselves and pressing submit. Instantly their information is uploaded into your system so they can be contacted easily and efficiently. 

Or, imagine it’s the holidays and you have event after event popping up at your church. Keeping them organized is hard enough. However, pointing people to your website where all information is held, alongside a handy registration form, volunteer sign-ups, and more can help streamline all the questions you receive during the busy time of year.

These church software integrations can truly ease the way you’re doing your work so you have more time to create, plan, and imagine. This is what it would look like to make your job fun again.

Background Checks

Safety and security at a church is serious business. No church should conduct background checks as an afterthought. Background checks should be conducted with ease and efficiency. One way to make this happen is to integrate this feature into your church website. Volunteers can easily sign up to volunteer on your website and go through the steps they need to accomplish before volunteering, such as complete a background check. Imagine the phone calls you’ll receive for people asking where to go for background checks. The answer? The church website. 


Graphic design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. By integrating attractive, already designed media into your website, you can easily attract the right people and help them with what they need. You can also easily edit the information on your website when a pastor or leader changes his or her mind. Consistency is also something that integrating our media with your website brings. Make sure your website is not only useful but looks great too.


Churches run off donations. These donations are what help fund events, electricity, air conditioning, salaries, etc. If that much is at stake when it comes to church members giving back, why take a chance on making the process complicated? By integrating your giving platform with your church website, you can easily promote your online giving platform to your church members. Don’t take a chance that someone will get lost going to your online giving platform. If they get lost, that means their giving gets lost.

Live Streaming

Combining your church live stream and website can be tricky. Problems such as file size, video format, video quality, and many other key aspects pop up if you’re doing it on your own. We know what it takes to have a quality live stream. We’ve found ways to integrate your church live stream with ease on your church website. With this church website integration, you’ll not only be happy with the result, so will your viewers.

Next Steps

While CloverSites is a leading church website builder, we’re part of a larger family of church software brands that integrate to support every area of your ministry.

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