[Free eBook] A Better Solution for Both Donors and Administrators Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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[Free eBook] A Better Solution for Both Donors and Administrators

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When was the last time you knew donors felt truly excited to give at church?

Let's be honest, it's hard to be excited about online giving with a clunky, hard-to-use giving system. Donors are confused about how to use it, and admins are frustrated at the complexity of the "behind-the-scenes" work.

If this sounds like your church, don't worry!

In the past, we've written blog posts about how to switch to online giving and ways to inspire online giving, but we want to take it a step further.

Clover Give is the perfect solution and we've created a free resource to help show you why.

Clover Give can make offering time better for both your donors and your admin team. 

  • Clover Give provides consistency, relevancy, and painless processes.
  • Clover Give can help you by providing resources and support.
  • AND you can increase your tithes and offerings.

Our giving system is designed to meet your members where they are and encourage the spirit of giving every step of the way! We know that online giving is so much more than moving funds from point A to point B, and we want to partner with you in online giving to help excite and empower your members.

Clover Give is here to help! Just fill out the form to get access to the eBook: A Better Solution for Both Donors and Administrators. Take a look at how Clover Give can help bring excitement back into giving.