Video Backgrounds for Your Church Website ☘️ Blog Feature

By: Shannon Hinds

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Video Backgrounds for Your Church Website ☘️

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They're eye-catching and exciting and we think you're going to love the newest Clover Sites feature, video backgrounds! Whenever someone navigates to your webpage, a sizzle reel showcasing your youth program or a video snapshot of your latest worship service is sure to catch a visitor's eye immediately. Imagine how your church could use this spectacular feature to engage visitors on your website with what to expect from your church experience.

We’re so excited to deliver this feature to you, available as part of ALL of our Clover Sites design options! Video backgrounds were built to make it easy for your church to create distinctive, captivating pages on your website. Insert a video into any section, and help create a better experience to showcase your worship services,  ways to connect, volunteer opportunities, events, youth programs, and so much more! Let Clover help your church user video backgrounds to present your church in an inviting, intriguing and MOVING way.

Take a look at some of our customer's websites who are already taking advantage of this great new feature!

Looking for ready-to-use videos and other media options? Check out Clover Media! Choose from 90,000 images, templates, and pre-designed files to use on your website, in your services, and around your church.

In addition to all the other great features that Clover Sites has to offer, we think video backgrounds is a pretty exciting addition to your website, and we're looking forward to seeing how you will use it to captivate your online audience!

But don't just take our word for it. Go click around the FREE DEMO, and check it out.