[New Feature Alert] Media Statistics Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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[New Feature Alert] Media Statistics

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It's that time again -- to announce a new feature on Clover Sites! 

The media statistics helps you know which of your media items are played most often. This can help you optimize what you share with your congregation and your community. As you learn which topics are popular, you can address those issues more often. 

Access the statistics panel by clicking straight to it from your Dashboard. This is already live on your site (if you're still on Clover Classic,  check out how you can Transition FOR FREE to CS3. Is this your time to upgrade?) and it should pre-populate with some historical listening data. You'll now see an overview of your media stats. 
It starts with an overview, and then also has panels with a breakdown. 
The graph visualizes aggregate listening data, and the panels across the bottom break the stats into "today," the last seven days, and the last 30 days. You can even click on individual bars to see what media was most listened to in a specific week.

This is a short and sweet announcement. You can even learn more on the Clover help site.

And if you're ready to track even more things on your church website, you can learn more with Google Analytics and Clover Sites.