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By: Joanna Gray

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"Majesty" [New Site Design] for Your Church Website

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There have been church websites before, there have even been websites using Clover Sites. But you've never seen this design before! We’re so excited to deliver a BRAND NEW Clover Sites design to you! It’s called MAJESTY and we hope you’ll think it’s pretty “majestic.”  ;-)  See what we did there. Haha, take a look 

and let us know what you think of this new design. 

Clover_Media-lessIn addition to all the regular CS3 improvements, MAJESTY has improvements from top to the bottom:

  • Menu nav items expand on hover and leave more room for your logo
  • Events highlight right on your homepage - and you can filter and sort them!
  • New 2, 3, or 4 column layouts in your sections.
  • It’s customizable all over the place
  • And… if that’s not enough: better media management!

We could go on. . . but nobody wants that.  😉 

Plus, the best way to learn more is to experience it for yourself! We have this great new design on display in our Design Gallery click here to see more.  We also set up a full sample site using Majesty. Check it out and click around here