Last Minute Mother's Day Church Graphics Blog Feature

By: AJ Fenlason

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Last Minute Mother's Day Church Graphics


Mother’s Day is coming up in just a week or so and for the past few Mother’s days, I’ve overheard something interesting. I don’t think it's related and I’ve really only heard about it from friends.  Apparently,  a lot of stores have a rush on cards and flowers.

My friends tell me it really happens the night before Mother's Day and early the next  morning. I usually visit those areas a few days before, so I’ve not experienced it firsthand. I am sure you are like me, but can you imagine? Trying to rush to find say the right card for your Mom as the selection is running low.

Since this has never happened to us, I am sure you’ve already planned out everything for Mother’s Day. You’ve also already picked a great graphic for your church to post on social media and to use during worship, right? After all, it’s the third largest day for church attendance. You have everything all planned out because that’s how you roll.

Well if you do have a friend that doesn’t plan ahead like us ;) they might benefit from the 72 media options for Mother’s Day in Clover Media.

All your friend needs to do is go to their dashboard and select Clover Media and follow the steps to sign up. 


Your friend might even find value in the featured Mother's Day design called Hot Mess! This pack has everything they would need to engage their community with visuals and a special video, too! 


 With all these options, Mother's Day at your church will be covered.  Along with anything else that might come up last minute. Check out Clover Media today!