Is Your Church a Healthy Church? Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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Is Your Church a Healthy Church?

Best Practices


As a church leader, one of the greatest hopes you have for your church is that it be a thriving, healthy place for your people.

On paper, that sounds great!

But what does a healthy church actually look like in real life? That’s sometimes harder to pinpoint.

While we can all easily rattle off signs of an unhealthy church, it’s sometimes much harder to narrow down what exactly makes a church healthy. And even if we know what those qualities are, trying to grow and develop them in the church or display them on your church website is a whole other layer!

At Clover Sites, we want to see all of the churches we work with become healthy, long-lasting pillars in their communities. That’s why we pulled together just a few thoughts to help you determine what a healthy church looks like and begin to develop those qualities in your own congregation.

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