Announcing Clover Give: Online Giving for Your Church Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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Announcing Clover Give: Online Giving for Your Church

Clover Give | Company News


Do you wish there was a better way to help your church handle online giving? Are you a Clover Donation customer and you're tired of dealing with additional fees, accounts, and authorization hoopla? Are you looking for a better payment processing solution? Does your church offer online giving at all?

Now there is a better, easier, way: Introducing Clover Give! 

To quote one customer: "The Clover Give platform is very easy to set-up, and it provides a great mobile platform for our givers making it quick and convenient to give and support the church mission."

We'll keep this short and sweet, because we've got a whole new website that explains it for you. Check out to learn more about how Clover can help your church.


What You Need To Know:

  • Clover Give is "all inclusive" with no other accounts to manage or pay for.
  • You can help your congregation set up recurring giving. 
  • We have low, low transaction fees.
  • And low, low monthly fees.
  • Kiosks and text-to-give are both available. 
  • Clover Give offers simple-yet-robust reporting tools, too.