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By: The Clover Team

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Increase Giving this Summer with Web, App, and Media

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You may be staring out the window, daydreaming about your toes in the sand and warm ocean waves. As summer draws near, many are gearing up for vacations and weekend getaways. All of these things are great! Except when your church starts experiencing the summer slump—the time of year when attendance and giving fall, making church growth seemingly impossible. But there are ways to actually increase giving during the summer months.

Of course, remaining in prayer and being sensitive to what God is calling your church to do this summer is key. But along with that, our team at Clover has come up with creative ways to increase giving this summer. Our Web, App, Media bundle can help inspire generosity like you never thought possible.



You can use your church website to engage your congregation this summer. Invite them to events and encourage online giving from wherever they are.

Summer Events and Ministry

Highlight upcoming summer events that your church is hosting or taking part in. By including these events and ministries on your website, people will be able to stay in touch and know when and where things are happening. When your church stays active during the summer months, especially outside of church, it can attract more people and new members.

Giving Page

Be sure to include your giving page directly on your church website. When people are browsing to find the summer events, they can stumble upon your giving page. Plus, having it available and easily accessible on your site can encourage giving at any time.

Recurring Giving

Don’t forget to highlight recurring giving! This is especially crucial to increase giving during summer because so many people are coming and going. But if they’ve decided to contribute with recurring giving, they will never miss the moment to give. They can set up the frequency and amount, then go on vacation and not forget their tithe. It also helps the church tremendously because you can create a more consistent budget when you know which gifts will come in on a recurring basis.


You can create forms for just about anything your church needs. Giving forms, event forms, prayer requests—get creative! Your website is the perfect place to host these forms and direct people to fill them out. Get more engagement, increase event attendance, stay organized, and increase giving!



Having a church app can make a big difference with engagement when people are out enjoying the warm days ahead. They can register for events, give, and stay up-to-date.

Increase Giving

Your church app can increase giving during summer because it makes it easy. People can give directly from their phone, regardless if they are in church or on the beach. They can also set up recurring giving via the app and make any changes to the amount or the frequency.

Register for Events

Along with making giving seamless, your church app can make it easy for people to register for all your summer events. They can sign up and pay (if there is a cost) from wherever they are. Make announcements from the pulpit and share the event on social to remind people to register.



Rather than just telling people to give, you can share your story better. Using creative and beautiful media will help your church display content that engages your audience. Use graphics to highlight your outreach or ministry events. Post your church media on social to invite people to your Sunday services. Use beautifully designed email headers in your communications.

Pro Tip: Brighten up your church media this summer! Clover Media has thousands of title graphics, motion videos, mini-movies, social media graphics, and more!


Clover’s Web + App + Media Bundle

Clover created a bundle that includes everything you need to engage your church. Our Web + App + Media bundle provides you with features crafted specifically for the church for only $50/month! Get started today and see how this bundle can help you increase giving this summer and engage your congregation all year long!