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By: The Clover Team

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Increase Church Communication with These 3 Digital Tools

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Whether you’re a church of thousands or less than a hundred, communication isn’t always as easy as it seems. Whenever there are multiple people involved in giving and receiving information, there is bound to be some miscommunication, particularly for churches, as there are conversations happening between leadership and staff, volunteers, the congregation, as well as the outside community and visitors. No wonder it’s imperative to have a strategic communications plan in place.  

So where do you start? Know your church’s vision and goals. When you know where you’re going, it’ll be easier to understand what to communicate. Know your brand. That way, as you communicate, people will be able to recognize your church and affiliate with it. Know your audience. This will help you target whom you are communicating to and help you sharpen your message.  

Having a church communication strategy is an important step in the process of helping to spread the gospel. Here are 3 tools to help increase church communication: 

  1. Have an Effective Church Website

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    What you communicate on Sunday can be reiterated and expounded on your website. Give your followers the
    most important details about the event or ministry and then direct them to your website where pertinent information can be elaborated. Provide a link to a landing page where they can learn more and also register or get involved. With everything so fast-paced and communications teams needing to update their congregation with the latest information, your church website is a good place to house the info and guide them to a static place for reference to stay up to date. Whenever people are searching for more detailed information about your church, they can easily find it if you have a website designed specifically for your church and its communication goals.

  2. Utilize Social Media 

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    Another great digital tool
    for communicating to both your congregation and potential visitors is social media. Literally billions of people use multiple social platforms, so connecting, promoting upcoming events, and encouraging people through your church’s social media posts will be beneficial and help to get the word out. People may miss your email newsletter or they didn’t attend on Sunday to hear the announcement about the upcoming Vacation Bible School or Men’s Breakfast. Share the event on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with a link to register. Or get the message out via video or live stream on your networks. With Clover, you can even link your social accounts to your website so people can easily share your content, sermons, and announcements.  
  3. Integrate Church Management Software (ChMS)


    Organize and keep track of your people easily through 
    ChMS. Sync new attendees so you can reach out to them about their next steps. Contact volunteers and monitor where they’re at in the process. Utilize mass communication via text, email, or voicemail to inform congregants about church updates or events. You can even create events and share them through your calendar so people won’t ever miss out. Clover People ChMS will help you stay organized and communicate effectively.  


Next Steps

There are obviously multiple ways to connect and inform others about your church and what great things are happening there. You can always continue with traditional communication methods, but implementing these digital strategies will help you extend your reach even further. With Clover Sites, we are here to partner with you in your communication strategy so you can have great impact and influence for the Kingdom of God.