How and Why to Talk About Money at Your Church Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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How and Why to Talk About Money at Your Church

Clover Give | Best Practices


"Next Sunday, we’ll kick off a series on money here at our church."

Do you hate making announcements like that at your church? Did any of you just cringe at the thought? If you so, don’t worry, you’re in good company!

Most people (church leaders included) struggle with how to approach the subject of finances at church. It can be awkward. It can be confusing. It can be convicting. And because of those and many other reasons just like them, people aren’t sure how (or even if) they should address money in church.

When it comes to talking money in the church, most seem to fall in to one of two categories:

  1. Avoid the subject completely out of fear of making anyone uncomfortable.
  2. Harp on the matter by making every one feel guilty  about it almost every week.

Now if you ask us, neither camp offers a great approach to the subject of finances. Too much talk on money gives the impression that you’re a financially focused church and pushes people away. Too little talk on money offers little wisdom and guidance on the subject.

But isn’t it a part of the church’s call to share Godly wisdom and provide Biblical instruction to your congregation on any number of topics? If that’s the case, then money is certainly no exception to this rule!

As church leaders, we must intentionally communicate and model what God says about money to our people.

That’s why we think it’s not only okay to talk about money at your church, but so very important as well -- in sermons, on your church website, online giving, and to talk about the topic generally and regularly.

For starters, Jesus talked about money all the time. A quick read through the Gospels will show you that Jesus had a lot to say on the subject of finances. He approached the subject in a number of ways, providing clear instruction, relatable parables, and eternal wisdom on dealing with money. And if He didn’t tip toe around the topic of finances, we shouldn’t either!

In addition to that, you need to talk about money because people are struggling with it. Rich or poor, married or single, working or unemployed—trust us, every one is facing some kind of challenge when it comes to money. It’s a real topic in all of their lives, and when you talk about it, you’re meeting a major need!

But knowing why it’s okay to talk about money at church is only half the battle. Knowing how to approach it is equally important!

When it comes to talking about money at your church, start by finding some balance.

Remember those two categories we talked about earlier—the too much and the too little? The best place to land is somewhere in between. Find a healthy balance in talking about money by incorporating the topic in sermons, series, and events throughout the calendar year.  

Don’t just hit the subject once and move on. But, just as importantly, don’t repeat yourself week after week. Instead, schedule a short series on money once or twice a year.

And then make a point to touch on generosity in several of your other sermon series, even the ones not directly about money. If you’re talking about marriage, devote one of the weeks to finances. If you’re focusing on faith, connect it back to the idea of giving by talking about faithful generosity. If you’re working your way through a book of the Bible, highlight a passage or two on stewardship.

Remember, talking about money doesn’t always mean you’re asking people to give.

Money is more than a financial issue; it’s a heart issue.

Find ways to speak to the hearts of your people when you’re talking about money. You’ll find that more and more of your people will be open to the topic when you approach it by speaking from God’s heart to theirs.