How to Help People with Loneliness through In-Person Church Events Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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How to Help People with Loneliness through In-Person Church Events

Mental health problems have increased in the past year. They’ve been consistently becoming more prevalent throughout the years, but particularly since the onset of COVID-19, more people are experiencing loneliness, depression, and anxiety. In one study, 70% of people who screened with moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety or depression stated that one of the top three things that contributed to their mental health concerns was loneliness or isolation. Another study mentions that roughly 65% of participants reported increased feelings of loneliness since COVID was declared a pandemic. 

With so many people feeling disconnected and lonely, the Church should be a space of refuge and connection. Those who follow Christ know that He is always with us, but many people don’t know that, and even Christians are among those who are finding themselves isolated.  

Not only can the Church help encourage those struggling with mental illness, it can also provide a place for people to ease their feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness 


Organized Church-Wide Events

One way to do this is to host a variety of events for all different types of people. These can be online if needed, too. But offering a space for people to connect with others who have similar interests as them will help to break the cycle of isolation. Having somewhere to go and people to see often boosts the mood and triggers the desire to be around others even more so.  

Tip: Creating event pages on your church website with forms will help your church to stay organized, allow people to register for the event, and you can even spread the word so more people attend.  


Get Them Involved with Ministry

Another way to connect your congregation and dispel loneliness is to encourage people to get involved. Equip your members to serve the community and/or volunteer in a ministry. Not only will this give them something impactful to do, but it will also get them connected to other leaders, volunteers, and community members. Often, when people are submerged in loneliness, it’s because they are focused on themselves (though there are obviously many, many factors that play into loneliness) and continue to stay isolated. Offering them a place to serve others and get connected can help get them out of that funk.  

Tip: Have a ministry page on your website that will inform visitors not only about the ministry opportunities your church offers but also explains how they can get plugged in and start serving.  


Small Groups

Don’t underestimate the power of small groups. When people can associate with others in a smaller setting, they may be more willing to open up and receive help and prayer with whatever it is they’re going through. Often the “big” church setting on a Sunday can feel a little overwhelming and not as personal. Encourage your new guests and long-time members alike to get plugged into a small group.  

Tip: Here is another opportunity to utilize forms on your website. People can search for a group according to their interests, location, and/or day and time and then register to be a part of that group. Then your team can keep track of groups through ChMS, too! 

Get your congregation connected through events, ministries, and groups. They’ll appreciate all of the opportunities to be with other people and do life together. It may even help them emerge from the quarantine fog. Soon, they will be reaching out to others and spreading hope, too. 

Next Steps

You can make it quick and simple for your people to get connected with your church. CloverSites website forms offer a variety of features that handle everything from questions and prayer requests, to online event registration and donations. Get started with a CloverSites free trial today to see for yourself!