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By: Ashley DeKock

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How to Make Text-to-Give Work for Your Church

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We all understand that financial stability is crucial to the health of the church. That’s why, as technology evolves, it’s important that your church’s ability to offer convenient tithing options evolves, too. Enter, Text-to-Give.

While many churches have added a web-based offering option, Text-to-Give provides an attractive alternative (or addition) to the practice of passing the plate, especially for members who are accustomed to using their phones for everything else in life.

What is Text-To-Give?

To put it simply, Text-To-Give is just what it sounds like, the ability to give by texting with your phone. The goal is for donors to be able to give anywhere at anytime. For example, if you use Clover Give, Text-To-Give is simple to set up and even easier to utilize. You will receive a phone number specific to your church that members or guests can use for mobile giving. Donor signup for Text-To-Give takes less than a minute, which allows a congregation to get started with mobile tithing. The simple mobile interface is understandable for even the least tech-savvy of members to participate.

Why Do We Need Mobile Giving?

Millennials rely on their devices. Brian Kluth, founder of Christian research firm Maximum Generosity, recently shared with Money Magazine that “millennials are not check-carrying; they’re not cash-carrying. If churches aren’t creating digital opportunities, millennials won’t give.” This tech-heavy trend is only continuing with the generations following Millennials.

As physical checkbooks and paper money become increasingly obsolete, mobile giving provides your church a platform for the modern church member to tithe from his/her digital device securely and quickly. Text-To-Give’s simple interface and compatibility with most smartphones allows members from any generation to utilize this mobile tithing opportunity.

Churches see great results with this mobile giving platform. Clover Give states that their average client sees a “32 percent increase in their giving” after implementing digital options such as mobile giving.

Obstacles to Overcome With Text-To-Give

As with all new processes, some members may have concerns with this new tithing option, including:

Fear of Sharing Financial Data Digitally

Initially, some members may oppose this option of giving due to their aversion to providing financial information via mobile devices or digital platforms. Address these concerns openly by sharing the steps Clover Give takes to ensure the security of all financial information. Clover Give is also a PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, which means they follow the highest security standards. These standards were designed by The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Concern over Fees

Ensure complete transparency when it comes to fees collected through this service. That is, members/donors are not charged a fee to tithe via Text-To-Give. Your church pays a fee per transaction (2.7% + $0.39 processing), which is deducted from the amount tithed. Clover Give offers an option for members to calculate this processing fee into their tithe. This allows the member to donate the exact amount desired to the church.


  • $10 tithe without “Donor Pays Fee” feature = $10 charged to the member, $9.34 to church, and a $0.66 processing fee.
  • $10 tithe with “Donor Pays Fee” feature = $10.66 charged to the member, $10 to church, and a $0.66 processing fee.

Concern they don’t Appear to be Giving:

A great way to encourage Text-To-Give is to discuss it openly and often. By encouraging members to use this option during your gatherings, members will feel more comfortable passing the plate. Knowing that they have or can participate in mobile giving instead will ease some of their concerns.

Utilizing Text-To-Give with Your Congregation

Implementing a Text-To-Give tithing option is easy and quick. Clover Give provides an array of onboarding resources to help you roll-out this new tithing option.

A few ways that you can make this process easier for your congregation are:

Align with Church Branding

Clover Give recognizes that members are 7 times more likely to give through a branded page that they recognize. Make sure to set up your church’s personal tithing homepage with a look and feel that matches your church brand.

Promote Mobile Giving Often

Market Text-To-Give as a tithing option across all of your communication platforms. Add the dedicated phone number to your church homepage, email communications, and in your church bulletin.

Set Up a “Tech” Squad

Have a few members at the welcome kiosk ready and willing to help with set up mobile giving for anyone who wants to use Text-To-Give.

Continually Answer Congregation Questions and Concerns

Church Tech Today pulled together some of the most common questions associated with mobile giving. They determined members may be concerned with how to set up financial information, what happens in the event of input error, and donation tracking for tax purposes. Make sure to provide these answers in your messaging (possibly on an FAQ page, through a getting started video, or even an email — whatever helps spreads the message and alleviates fears).

Next Steps

Regardless of your church size or demographics, this mobile tithing option can work for you. Text-To-Give allows members to tithe anytime they feel called. Whether it’s during a moving sermon, at the grocery store, or after a small group gathering, members always have an opportunity to give. Text-To-Give is a great way to increase contributions which will further strengthen the financial health of your church. Check out Clover Give to get started today.