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By: The Clover Team

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How to Improve Church Communications

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Church communications can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re a smaller church without a team supporting you. Finding the time to create content, share information, and develop a strategy might seem near impossible.

The great thing about church technology, though, is that it can work to your benefit when it comes to communicating your message. From your website to your mobile app to your social media pages, Clover can help you get the word out. Below, you’ll find five ways you can enhance your church communications.

Use Your Church App

Especially during the pandemic, people have developed more trust in mobile apps for their day-to-day lives — from ordering dinner and shopping for groceries to making appointments and paying bills. Similarly, your church app can help members stay connected and involved with your church and help them better engage with your ministries. Use your app to communicate ministry updates and share information about upcoming events. You can even send push notifications for urgent messages.

(Don’t have an app? Clover can connect you with a customized church app with powerful features, so you won’t miss opportunities to keep your members engaged.)

Maximize Your Social Media

Most growing churches understand the need to have a social media presence to heighten their engagement. The key is to make these channels as informative and accessible as possible for your church families. A strong online presence management tool allows you to link your website to your Twitter or Facebook accounts — so when you publish an event, blog post, sermon, or article, a link to the new content is automatically generated. Linking your website directly with YouTube and Vimeo lets you upload your videos to these services and easily add this content to your website. Social media management is a key Clover website feature because it saves church staff time by making church communications easier.

Live Stream Your Services

Another great communication tool for your church is to live stream your services. Not everybody will be able to attend in person, so it's important to have an online option. Whether people are traveling out of town to visit family or they're under the weather, your live stream will help connect your online community. It's also a great way to share the gospel message with more people.

As far as your church communications, you can share everything with your online community that you share with your in-person attendees. They’ll feel connected and a part of the service. Plus, they know they won’t miss any important announcements.

Communicate Through Your Website

Don’t forget about the power of communication through your church website. This is a great hub to house everything related to your church—service information, next steps, how to get involved, ministry opportunities, events, etc. Plus, with Clover Sites, you have access to unlimited templates, beautiful themes, and an easy-to-use CMS. So you can update your website as often as you need.

You can include a church blog as part of your communication plan. As we mentioned before, social integration and sharing are great website features to easily share your content, sermons, and announcements.

Don’t Underestimate Church Media

Church communication doesn’t only apply to words. Everything you share—whether video, text, graphics, or media—can all be a part of your efforts. You can reach people for Christ by sharing engaging church media. Clover Media has over 90,000 media resources. New content is launched every month for you to use. There are sermon title graphics, worship media, social media graphics, and more. Make your content stand out with thoughtfully designed media to enhance your message.


Clover’s Web + App + Media Bundle Can Help Your Church Communications

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