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By: The Clover Team

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How to Create a Church Website that Grows Attendance

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It’s a desire of most churches to grow in attendance. Not simply because they want higher numbers, but because the more people who are attending church, the more who have the opportunity to receive the gospel, connect with other believers, and grow in their relationship with God.  

It may seem a little strange that your church website can actually help increase the gathering, since your website isn’t where people “attend,” (unless they’re watching online, of course), but it is beneficial for informing new guests and members alike about when/where/how to attend and get involved.  

For newcomers, they’ll most likely visit your website first. They want to get a feel for what to expect when they show up on Sunday. If you have an effective church website, they’ll find all the information they’re looking for and be more likely to visit. For those who have been to your church, they’ll seek the internet for how to get plugged in and possibly even invite others to join them. 

Here are some tips about how to create a church website that grows attendance: 



Welcome Page  

Your main landing page is important when it comes to visitors. It should feel inviting while also representing your church well. This way, the viewer can get a good idea of what it will be like to attend your church. Don’t forget to include service times and locations to make it easy for new visitors to find out how to attend your services. This key information is essential to having people discover your church. 

When visitors land on your site, do they feel welcomed? It’s similar to when they show up to an in-person service; are they being greeted? Can they find what they’re looking for? If newcomers don’t feel invited based off your website, they might not feel invited to show up in person.  


About Page  

It’s also helpful for those looking for a new church to have easy access to your church’s beliefs. Include a “What We Believe” section, as well as content that explains the vision and mission of the church. Having this stated up front is helpful for bringing people in because they will know right away whether their doctrine lines up with your church’s.  

Many people love getting a feel for the staff and leadership of the church before they attend, too. Consider including photos and descriptions. This will help newcomers feel like they “know” you a little better before being surrounded by strangers at a new church. 


Next Steps  

Your site should include a next steps page or section that directs people in the process of how to get involved. Incorporate any membership classes, small group opportunities, and maybe even discipleship content, like growth classes. This can increase attendance because once people have learned more and gotten plugged in, they’ll be more likely to continue attending on Sundays. 

To make it even easier, include registration forms right there, so people can sign up for the next class. Through your Church Management System, you’ll be able to track who has attended which classes or ministries and then follow up with them. 



Update your congregation through your website with any upcoming events. Include the necessary content like when and where the event will take place. You can also provide a form for registration and track how many people plan on attending. Hosting events is a good way for people to stay connected and get more involved, which in turn will keep them engaged and grow attendance.  

Host a variety of events for all different types of people and age groups. With different programs that are offered, you’ll encourage various groups of people to show up. Even consider offering child care during the events for adults so the whole family can be involved. Attendance often grows when there are services specifically designed for the children and youth. 



Equip your members to serve the community and/or volunteer in a ministry. Not only will this give them something impactful to do, but it will also get them connected to other leaders, volunteers, and community members.  

Offering congregants a place to serve others and get connected can help inspire them to be even more consistent in their church involvement. They may even be so passionate about what they’re doing that they will invite others to join them. 


Ready to See Attendance Grow?

If you’re looking to increase church attendance, consider creating or redesigning your website to encourage church growth. Clover Sites is happy to partner with you to create a website that truly reflects your church’s vision and mission. Click here to check out our site designs and see which one works best.