How Media Can Serve Your Church Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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How Media Can Serve Your Church

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Before we jump right in, I wanted to share some big news with you: Clover Media is live!

What exactly does that mean? As part of our desire to serve you and your church with more than just a great church website, we've been scouring the internet for the best in church graphics and have partnered with Sharefaith to give you access to the best of the best in church PowerPoints, bulletins, flyers, newsletters, worship graphics, animation loops and mini-movies -- all available in a variety of formats.

You probably have even more questions and we definitely have answers. Stay tuned in to the blog to learn more about church media.

Church media. Is it necessary? Worthless? Dangerous? Distracting?

As a church, if you're spending your money and time on media, it’s perfectly appropriate to ask these kinds of questions. 

First off, what is “church media?”

Essentially, it's anything that is a printed, projected, or visual medium of communication. “Church media” may encompass stage design, the sign out front, the printed bulletins, the pre-reel, the welcome videos, or the sermon PowerPoint. 

Secondly, why is it important?

To put it simply, church media is a useful tool for churches today. But, to break it down even further, here are a few reasons why your church should be utilizing media:

1.  Church media helps to emphasize the gospel.

Communication takes place on many different levels. When your pastor preaches, he is using his voice to speak words. He is using his body to make gestures to emphasize those words. Perhaps he is backed by a stage design that further emphasizes his message. Also, he may be using videos, pictures, printed words, or PowerPoint to drive the point home even further. Each level of communication serves to inform, emphasize, and even enhance his message.

A great-looking PowerPoint design gives the pastor the ability to communicate his message — the gospel — even more clearly. When people receive information in more than one way, they tend to remember it better. The more senses that are involved, the better. So, if a spoken sermon uses visual aids — such as a PowerPoint, object lessons, or something else — the message is likely going to stick in the hearer’s mind a lot better.

2.  Church media connects with people in a language that is understandable and familiar.

When you communicate to people, you want to speak their language. That’s obvious. When was the last time you preached in Latin ? The same thing applies to other forms of communication.

We live in a media-saturated world. The point of using media in church is not simply to add to the supersaturation of media, but to provide a form of communication that is readily understood by people. Our collective communication style now favors mediums that include screens, motion, and color, and when it comes down to it, it's important to meet people where they're at. Who knows what we may use 50 years from now, but if you're still trying to do what we did 50 years ago, you're missing your audience.

3.  Church media enables a wider range of communication.

Church media communicates far more than just what is printed on the paper, or projected onto the screen. Whether you're a fan of media or not, it's hard to deny that a video or image can help evoke a certain emotion. Media helps to get people on the same page, and works to supplement the message you are already presenting.

For example, when your child's Sunday School teacher uses a visual aid, like a felt cut-out of Joseph, they are communicating a Bible story that suggests real people, in real life, with real bodies that we can recognize.  And typically, the response is more excitement and engagement from your child. Similarly, if the teacher were to use a PowerPoint projection of characters, backdrops, action, and settings, there would be an even richer level of experience and communication for your child. 

Some Final Words on Church Media

Church Media is an amazing tool that can help to serve your church and spread the Gospel, but here are some things to be aware of.

  • The effectiveness of church media depends on how you use it. Media alone is not effective. Media used intentionally, purposefully, and excellently, is more likely to be effective.
  • Church media is simply a tool. Anything can be misused, and church media is prone to its share of abuses. One such abuse is elevating church media to a point where it becomes more important than it ought to be. 
  • Make use of church media in a way that makes sense to your ministry. Every church is different. Every context is different. Your ministry can make use of media in a way that will be most effective. 

Like all tools, church media can serve the church when used correctly, and we are so excited to see how your church decides to use it!