How to Highlight Your Student Ministry on Your Church Website Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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How to Highlight Your Student Ministry on Your Church Website

Best Practices


Fact: Students are the Future of Your Church.

Think about it. Though they may just be middle and high school students right now, one day they’re going to be the adults serving, guiding, and hopefully growing your church. They’re the next generation of church leaders, and because it’s important that you do what you can with what you have now to invest in the lives and faith of the students at your church. 

Your church website is key to furthering your mission online (learn more about that here). And, one simple way to support your student ministry right now is to find ways to feature them on your church website. 


Well, to name a few reasons…

  1. It will show your students that you’re excited about what’s happening in the ministry and you want other people to get excited, too.
  2. It will show visitors to your church website that you not only have a place for students at your church, but also that those students are a priority to your ministry.
  3. It will motivate your congregation to help you support your student ministry as a part of the church, not just a side project.
  4. It will let your student ministry leaders know that you’re excited about what they’re doing and are committed to helping them create a space in your church for the next generation to flourish.

Those are pretty good reasons to give your student ministry (or really any important ministry in your church) some website love every now and then, right? 

To help you get started, take a look at five things you can do to help highlight your student ministry online.

1. Create a Space for Them.

Give your student ministry a page of their own on your church websites. This will allow the ministry not to get lost amongst the shuffle of other pages on your site. Create separate content for the page, focusing in depth on the heart and happenings of the ministry. Include everything from videos and photos to a calendar of upcoming events to a word from your student pastor. If you have the option, turn control of the page over to your student ministry team and let them take ownership of creating an online space that really reflects the ministry as a whole.

2. Make it Easy to Find.

With so many ministries to feature at your church, you want visitors to your site to be able to easily find the information they’re looking for online. Your student ministry is no different! Make sure the navigation on your site is clear and easy to use. That way your student ministry (or any other ministry!) will be easy to get to for anyone looking to check it out.

3. Feature Them on Your Homepage.

Find ways to feature your student ministry on your home page. This puts your student ministry right in front of anyone visiting your site -- whether first time visitor or returning member who may not have visited the student ministry page before. Share photos from big events. Post highlight videos from retreats or camps. Let your student pastor post a note to your congregation. Feature video testimonies from students in the ministry. Turn a section of the home page over to your student ministry every once in a while so they can have a chance to shine online.

4. Give Them a Social Media Shout Out.

One of the easiest ways to highlight your student ministry is to give them a shout out on your social media channels. Designate and schedule posts on your social media calendar to specifically highlight your student ministry. Post photos from a Sunday night or major event. Give your congregation specific ways to pray for your student ministry on social media. Shout out big events like baptisms, retreats, or special days in the ministry. You can even give the control of your social media to your student pastor and let them take over your Instagram for a day (or more often than that) to highlight a Sunday in the life of your student ministry. It’s a simple way to put the ministry in front of your congregation and community.

5. Share Stories & Testimonies.

Stories are an incredible tool for connecting people to your church, and your student ministry is no different. Give your students the opportunity to share their stories and testimonies on your churcgg website. It could be as simple as a few written sentences or as detailed as a video testimony. You can even use these on Sunday mornings to highlight the ministry during your church service, as well. No matter how you choose to do it, give your students a voice on your website and a place in front of your congregation.