Five Resources to Use Your Church Website to Build A Small Group Ministry Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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Five Resources to Use Your Church Website to Build A Small Group Ministry

Best Practices


All churches are essentially working towards the same goal:

To lead people in to life-changing, lasting relationships with Christ

Though the methods or approaches may differ from church to church, the heart behind each is the same. We all want to see lives changed and hearts transformed by God.

While there are a number of ways to present the message of truth to your congregation (sermons, special events, online messages, your church website, writing), one of the best is through small groups.

Small group ministries connect the people in your congregation in to relationships both with God and one another.

They provide a smaller circle where your people can support one another in their faith, grow together in relationship with God, and process what they’re learning on Sunday mornings together.

We believe in the powerful potential of small groups to change lives and connect others to Christ so much that we pulled together a few incredible resources to help you as you do it!

Take a look at these five blogs for ideas on how to start, shape, and sharpen a small group ministry at your church.

  1. LifeWay: “How to Start A Small Group Bible Study In Nine Easy Steps”
  1. “Five Totally Obvious Reasons Small Group Ministries Fail”
  1. Christianity Today: “Community Matters: The Importance of Transformational Small Groups”
  1. The Gospel Coalition: “Five Tips For Leading Your Small Group”
  1. Outreach Magazine: “Keeping Small Groups Evangelistic”