Green Thumbs: Early Examples of Clover Events Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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Green Thumbs: Early Examples of Clover Events

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Clover Events examples.png

Last month we released Clover Events. It was exciting, and we are still celebrating with the #SummerofClover (did you read about how you can win a prize?)!!

We're ALSO so excited to see how so many of you are already using Clover to share and promote your church's events. Check out a few early examples below and imagine how great your church website could look with a brand new calendar and featured events pages.

Lakeland Vineyard

Click here to take a look at what they've come up with. The Details page takes you directly to their Facebook page where you can learn more about the event and the whole ministry they have around that event. Wish I lived closer; I love Game Nights. 


The Summit - Morning of Worship

The Summit has done a great job of featuring their ongoing worship services on their site. Check out the featured image and the list of upcoming Sundays below. Seems like a great way to stay organized. 


Mile Straight Baptist Church

They've done a great job setting up their recurring events, and filling up the calendar. Clicking thru, I found this cool-sounding event: "Pray for Me."  I'm, personally, always a fan of ministries and events that help different segments of a church stay connected. Keep up the Good work, MSBC! 

More examples coming soon! Share a link to yours in the comments below -- we'd love to feature you, too! 

Next Steps:

Not ready to focus on your church's Events page just yet? 

If you're still building out your site (or just want to make sure you're not missing anything) check out our newest eBook, "A Step-By-Step Guide" and learn just how easy and beautiful it can be to partner with Clover Sites for your church website.