[Summer of Clover] New Features & Updates  |  Win a Prize Pack or a Free Site Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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[Summer of Clover] New Features & Updates  |  Win a Prize Pack or a Free Site

Clover Sites 3

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This past winter, we released the first new feature for Clover Sites in a while. Have you been using Password Protected pages on your church website? Our developers have only picked up speed from there. They've been coding and testing and staging and we've had a team of you all (our Clover Sites customers) as Beta testers. And guess, what? We have more to announce over the coming weeks! 

This truly will be the Summer of Clover. We're up to lots of things and we'll have even more updates and improvements! And we're making it easy to win a Clover prize pack or even a free website! Read on to learn more. 

It's the Summer of Clover and we're releasing new features! I'm allowed to tease here -- Clover Events will be live VERY soon (some of you may already be using it in the Beta test group and we've got the Help documentation live and ready to go) and the Forms tool will be shortly to follow!

And we've got a LOT of updates to announce already: 

  • Media Migration -- It's now automatic and easier than ever to transfer your sermons and media from Clover Classic to Clover Sites 3. If you want to see how easy it is to get started, click here

  • Load Balancer -- This is a fancy bit of behind the sceenes technology to keep your websites loading quickly and evenly among our multiple servers. Site pages are now loading 50% faster!

  • Image Display Issues in Various Browsers -- Parallax and Other Display Images in different browsers are now optimized for the most recent versions of all the most common browsers. This will make your websites look great on CS3. (If you need help with Flash player browser defaults, click here.) 

  • Mobile View Optimizations -- Keep your site looking good on phone, tablets and any other screen or device. 

  • Updated Social Icons in the Footer -- You put work into your church and your branding on all your platforms. Keep your Facebook, Instagram and other social media organized and easy for your congregation to find. 


Now it's Time to Choose Your Own Adventure! How Will You Celebrate the Summer of Clover? 

We want to hook you up with all the goodies. It's not just about the new website features! Join us for the Summer of Clover and let us know how you're using your church website! Stay tuned next week for more announcements and learn how you can win prizes or a free website! 

  • If you're still on Clover Classic, now's the time to think again about upgrading to Clover Sites 3. The first 50 churches to upgrade will get a prize pack! Besides, upgrading is FREE to current Clover Classic customers! Call 805-527-8900 to get started. 

  • Already on Clover Sites 3? Great! Share a page of your website with an event you built and we'll send you a prize pack for that, too! Find us on Facebook here. The first 50 who share an Event will get a Summer of Clover prize pack in the mail. 

  • Not yet a Clover customer? We hope to see you soon! Sign up for a demo and you could win a free website -- we're giving away one site per week until the end of September.

Join us for the Summer of Clover. We want to hook you up with all the goodies. 

Stay tuned for more announcements -- all summer long!