Featured CloverSites Church Websites Launched in 2020 Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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Featured CloverSites Church Websites Launched in 2020

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This year was not an easy one, but despite the unique challenges of a global pandemic, we’ve seen some churches rise to the occasion and launch new sites! We wanted to celebrate some of our favorite sites that show off how creative you can be with a Clover Site theme.

  1. https://elevatechurch.ms/


    Theme: Aurora

    Elevate Church does a great job using photography and a bold color palette to give the site an exciting feel. The homepage’s minimal layout makes navigating the site extremely simple.

  2. https://faithapex.org/


    Theme: Bloom

    Faith Baptist Church highlights their ministries all on one page. Check out how they provide information on their local and global mission efforts, zoom Bible studies, and Wednesday Night Meals event.

  3. https://www.desertpalmucc.org/


    Theme: Dusk

    Desert Palms United Church of Christ has made sure that their Zoom events are easy to attend by posting a notice on their homepage and including links on their calendar.

  4. https://freeofnc.org/


    Theme: Majesty

    The Free & Independent Apostolic Church set up a page with program information and staff for their F.I.S.T. School of Theology.

  5. https://www.twclubbock.com/


    Theme: Voyage

    The Worship Center in Lubbock Texas has set up a great Next Steps page, where site visitors can learn more about baptism, and get signed up for various growth classes.

  6. http://libertynazarenechurch.net/


    Theme: Zion

    Liberty Church of the Nazarene uses their Connect page to welcome visitors, give service information and links to their various ministries.


Ready For a Fresh Start in 2021?

We’re excited to see how all of these churches see more engagement and traffic for their church websites in 2021. Online ministry is becoming a larger channel of ministry with so many people electing to stay home and attend services online. Is your church website ready to take your online ministry further? CloverSites has continued to make online ministry easy and beautiful with innovative designs and features. Browse our designs and demo your favorite today!