Fall Overhaul: Updating Your Website for the Season Blog Feature

By: Luke Marzano

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Fall Overhaul: Updating Your Website for the Season

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You guys, it’s official…

Fall is here!

School is in full swing. A chill is entering the air. Scarves and beanies are making their triumphant return to wardrobes around the country. Football is here. And everything (and I mean everything) is suddenly flavored with pumpkin!

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.29.56 AMOne of my favorite sights in the world is the leaves changing colors at the start of every fall. There’s a tree in a nearby park that I marvel at every year...

It’s almost as if the entire world goes through a little renovation each fall!

With everything around you changing this season, you don’t want to forget to do the same for your church website!

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, right? Well, let me introduce you to the fall overhaul!

Let the changing of seasons be a signal to you to make some changes on your church website!

Big events. Major changes. New opportunities. Special projects. This season is packed full of awesome stuff in your ministry! So it’s imperative that you make sure it’s all updated on your website before it’s too late.

But where do you start?

Well, with so many new big things starting in the fall, here are just a few suggestions to help you get your church website fall-ready!


So many churches use the fall season as the kickoff for new small groups and Bible studies at your church. With school back in session and families settled into their routines, it’s the perfect time for people to commit to a weekly discipleship gathering.

If you have new small groups or Bible studies for people to jump into this fall (or if it’s simply a repeat of last fall), make sure that information is readily available on your website. Include things like dates, times, study materials, age ranges, and locations. Make sure people know how to locate the gathering that’s best for them and their families. You can even include forms to sign-up online!


Now that school is back in session and extracurricular schedules are locked down, families are looking to your website to see what’s on deck for their kids. Make sure that information is not only updated on both your children’s ministry and student ministry pages, but also that it’s easy to find. Include information not only about your weekly gatherings for each age range, but also any special events this season. Think weekend retreats, lock-ins, parent night outs, and more!


Let’s be honest: The fall is really just the precursor to the holiday season, isn’t it?

Once fall hits, the holidays are basically on! Is your church hosting…

  • A Halloween event for the community? (Did someone say “Pumpkin Carving Contest”? I’m SO ready!)
  • A Thanksgiving meal for people in need?
  • A Christmas gift drive for families who need a little boost?
  • Concerts, fall festivals, homecoming events, etc.?

Whatever events your church hosts, it’s important that you get that info onto your site plenty of time in advance! At the very least, add the dates to your church’s online calendar so families can plan ahead.


Your church probably hosts seasonal-specific service and outreach opportunities. A great way to make sure people know about them is to share them on your website this fall.

If you’re doing a school supply drive to partner with a local school, a Thanksgiving meal delivery, a Christmas project, or just a seasonal raking of local yards, post this information online. Not only will it let people know how they can help, it will also show people in the community what your church has planned to support them this season.


Finally, if your church has any big things on the horizon for the fall and beyond, now is the time to get that on your website…

  • Church staff changes
  • Big giving campaigns
  • Exciting new sermon series
  • Major special events
  • Changes in the life and ministry of your church

All of these are great to include on your site as you get ready for the fall!