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By: Ashley DeKock

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Eight Ways Technology Can Improve Church Member Engagement

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No matter where you stand on technology and the church, there’s no denying the fact that technology has the power to connect with people beyond Sunday mornings. In fact, according to a study by Barna, more than half of Bible readers use the internet (55 percent) or a smartphone (53 percent) to access Biblical texts. Not only that, but almost 85 percent of churches use Facebook, according to Lifeway Research. Knowing this raises the question, what can you do as a church to use this same church technology to improve member engagement?

It’s not enough to simply engage with your church members on Sunday morning and send them on their way. When church technology is used strategically, it can strengthen faith and relationships, but not replace either. Church technology can be the tool you need to grow your church and push your members to take the next steps in their faith journeys.

Here are eight ways that technology can improve church member engagement.

1. Increase Involvement

Church technology has the power to increase involvement by promoting, encouraging, and providing easy ways to sign up for church events. There’s nothing worse than spending countless hours planning an event only to have a low turnout. When you list events online and allow sign-ups, attendance will increase and your planning will be more streamlined.

2. Promote Connection

As humans, we crave connections. There’s a reason that scripture is clear that we need each other as we walk through life. Using church technology, you can list available small groups on your church website, making it easy for people to find places to plug-in. Then, using your church management software, group members can stay connected and engaged throughout the week.

When creating small group listings on your website, don’t forget to share them on your social media accounts to create an even further reach.

3. Make Giving Easy

When giving is simple, available, and easy, church members are more likely to give. Church technology makes this possible. Through online giving, church members can give one-time gifts, set up recurring gifts, and give to special funds. Not only that, but they can also track their giving and easily look up past gifts. Plus, giving becomes available anywhere, anytime.

4. Encourage Prayer

“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

Make prayer requests readily available for your members using church technology. Using prayer walls, prayer forums, or your church management software, you can easily send out requests, provide updates, and encourage hurting members throughout the week. Not only will this help people stay connected, but it will also encourage deeper and more meaningful relationships among your church members.

5. Create Avenues for Discipleship

Did you know that there are church apps that exist for the purpose of discipleship? This church technology can help members stay engaged and grow in their Christian walks. We love:

  • The Bible App: Invite people to read through plans with you to stay accountable and promote discussion.
  • Bible Memory: Form groups to memorize scripture together.

6. Keep People Informed and Engaged

Social media is one of the most popular church technology tools out there for a reason. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help members stay connected throughout the week and keep up-to-date on everything happening at your church.

Be sure as a church social media manager to be a good steward of this tool, though! Check out a few social media bloopers (aka what not to do) here.

7. Connect People from Afar

Your church members won’t always be physically in your church building on Sunday mornings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be engaged. Live streaming is a church technology that has the power to connect people no matter where they are located. Plus, live streaming isn’t just for Sunday mornings. Consider live streaming Bible studies, events, and more throughout the week too.

Learn more about live streaming church software here.

8. Provide Access

Lastly, church technology can provide members access to online resources such as blogs, libraries, and sermon archives. These tools open the door for members to learn more about specific theological subjects, stay up-to-date with church happenings, and grow in their spiritual lives. Plus, by offering these tools on your church website, you have content that is attractive and engaging to help ensure that you continue to have site visitors throughout the week.

Next Steps

Church technology becomes even more powerful and useful when it’s used together and integrates seamlessly. Clover Sites has partnered with Elexio to offer you the best in church website and church management software solutions. Together, these tools can help you streamline processes and reach more people for the sake of the Gospel. Learn more here.