Four Ways to Make Donations Easy at Your Church Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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Four Ways to Make Donations Easy at Your Church

Clover Give | Best Practices


Some of the most potentially awkward moments of your Sunday morning service probably center around the offering. With so many misconceptions out there about the church and money, the task of talking to your congregation about GIVING can be a challenge for church leaders.

Believe it or not, the subject of giving doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can actually be one of the best parts of your service if you approach it with the right heart.

Most people in your congregation not only want to give to your church, but feel as though God has called them to do so.

Rather than present giving as a chore or obligation, why not speak to the call in their hearts? Don’t make it about asking for money. Make it about inviting your people to act and join the story of what your church is doing through giving.

And then, make it as easy as possible to for them to give.

Because while the way you approach giving in your service is important, it won’t matter how you say it, if you don’t make giving simple.

How? Well, here are four ways to make donating easy at your church.


One: Take It Online.

Think about this: how often do you actually carry cash? When was the last time you wrote a personal check to pay for anything other than a bill? If you opened your wallet right now, how many actual dollars would you find there?

Chances are you probably don’t regularly make a lot of check payments or carry much more than $20 or $30. No one does. So why should we limit giving at our churches to just that?

Go digital by adding giving options to your church website. Set up a clear way to offer online giving to your community. This way, they can easily log on to your church website to donate from home or even pull out their phones and give right from their seats during a service.  

Trust us: the more digital options you have for your people, the more likely they are to give.


Two: Make It Recurring.

Don’t you love when you can set up your bills to be automatically be drafted out of your account? How great is it to not have to constantly try and remember to make every single payment each month? Think of all that time you’re saving (and late fees you’re avoiding!) by not having to remember deadlines, buy stamps, write checks, and manually mail in all your payments?

Those are the benefits of recurring payment options, and the same can be available to your congregation when you make that an option for giving to your church.  Emphasize the option to choose a recurring donation on your website. Allow your congregation the option to schedule their contributions using their debit card right there on your site.

It’s a quick, one-time set up that has incredible benefit to both you and your congregation. They don’t have to remember to give, and you don’t have to wonder if they will!


Three: Put Someone In Charge.

Most churches have an incredible team of people—both volunteers and staff—whose sole purpose is to keep track of the money coming in to your church. And that’s huge! We all know how important it is to have someone looking after the money and how it’s being spent.

But does your church have anyone whose job it is to think about how to raise money for your church? Do you have someone to point your people to when they have questions about giving? Who can your congregation turn to when they want to talk about making a donation or raising funds for a specific ministry?

In other words: who’s in charge?

Having someone take ownership of communicating about giving at your church has the potential to transform the experience for both your congregation and your church. It allows your team to designate the task of developing and championing stewardship at your church to one person, and gives your community a specific person to turn to when they want to talk to about their offering.


Four: Make It Fun.

Let’s face it: the idea of seeing money come out of your bank account for any reason isn’t the most exciting. The majority of people in your church are dealing with any number of financial challenges, making the idea of giving to your church feel even more stressful at times.

That’s why it’s so important that you go out of your way to make giving more fun for your people. No, we’re not talking about confetti cannons or fireworks after every donation (though that’s not a bad idea if you can make it happen). We’re talking simply about finding unique and creative ways to highlight giving at your church and celebrate your people when they take the step to donate.

Making it exciting will not only make your people eager to join in to what’s happening through giving, but it will also encourage them to want to do it again and again.

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