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By: Joanna Gray

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"DUSK"  ☘️  [New Site Design] for Your Church Website

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It's big and bold and we think you're going to love the newest Clover site design, DUSK.  
We launched Majesty a few months ago and here we are with DUSK, hot off the presses, so to speak. Take a look and imagine how your church could use this snappy design to share your message with the world.

We’re so excited to deliver a BRAND NEW Clover Sites design to you! Dusk was designed and built to make it easy for your church to be dynamic and compelling. Use sections to arrange your images, lists, forms, and all your church website content. Let Dusk help your church communicate with power and clarity.

dusk virago screenshotIn addition to all the regular Clover Sites goodness, we think DUSK is pretty special and we're looking forward to seeing how you will use it to help build your churches:

  • This design is customizable all over the place - starting with the text boxes and the six different layout options for your page sections. Including multi-column layouts.
  • We did a lot of work on the preset color palettes for this site design. We'll be surprised if you can make it look bad.
  • Events - you can feature specific events, switch from list view to calendar view, apply filters, and more. 
  • This may seem a little mundane, but we even like the footer on DUSK. There's not only text, but a photo placeholder spot as well. Use this for your logo, or another important image. 
  • We think you'll like the list styles available, too. Check out the Ministries page and the Staff page.

  • And… if that’s not enough: this site design also includes all the recent updates for better media management. Visually appealing design, searchable media archive, It's easier than ever to engage and share with your community!  
  • Your online giving (especially if you're using Clover Give) is integrated easily and it looks great with specialized Giving section. Take a look

But don't just take our word for it. Go click around the FREE DEMO.  😉 

The best way to learn more is to experience it for yourself! We have this great new design on display in our Design Gallery click here to see more.  We also set up a full sample site using Dusk. Check it out and click around here.