Don't Forget About Dads - 8 Activities to Celebrate Father’s Day 2021 Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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Don't Forget About Dads - 8 Activities to Celebrate Father’s Day 2021

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Pssst. Father’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, June 20th. Here’s a heads up so you don’t have to procrastinate and spend the couple days beforehand trying to figure out something great to do for dad (or your kids’ dad if they’re little).  

For some reason, dads seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to celebrating them. But what an honor it is to be a father. Dads have the opportunity of representing our Heavenly Father to their children. That is a steep undertaking, but when they’re submitted to God the Father, what a blessing they are to the next generation.  

Because we love our dads, and those father figures in our lives, here are some fun activities to do with dad to bless, honor, and encourage him this Father’s Day.  


Play Backyard Games – Dads love some competition. What better way to satisfy his competitive side and get some QT in than by playing some fun games together? Get out the ol’ croquet set, play some corn hole, or even a friendly game of touch football or catch.  


Have a Family Game Night - Enjoy playing board games or cards together to celebrate dad. Bring out some snacks and let the games begin.  


Make Him Breakfast – Get up early (at least earlier than dad) and make a delicious Father’s Day breakfast. Don’t forget the bacon! Or take him out for brunch after church. He’ll enjoy the food and the company.  


Host a Backyard Picnic – This would be fun to do at home or even as a church. Pack up a basket with all of dad’s favorite foods and snacks, lay out a blanket (or some lawn chairs), and enjoy his company while grubbing together. One of the great things about Father’s Day being in June is the weather is usually permissible, but if not, just bring the picnic inside. 


Go on a Hike or Bike Ride – Many fathers really enjoy the great outdoors. Why not get out and explore together. Find a nice trail, grab the bikes (or hiking boots), and breathe in the fresh air.  


Have a Father’s Day Cookout – Again, this is a great one for at home or after church with the congregation. Fire up the grill, and throw some meat on. There’s nothing like the smell of barbecue and getting to enjoy it with friends and family. 


Take Him Fishing or Camping – Another fun idea to spend some quality time with dad is to grab the fishing poles and head to the lake. And you can even pack up the tent and make a weekend out of it. He’ll enjoy getting away for a bit while doing something he loves with the ones he loves.  


Join Him for the Father’s Day Service – Churches usually have a fun service planned for all the dads on Father’s Day. Whether it’s a funny video, some free donuts, or a little gift, celebrate dad at church, too.  

Aside from giving gifts for Father’s Day, these activities will encourage quality time while honoring dad at the same time. Let him know you love and appreciate him.  

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