#CloverStories from the 2016 Christmas Church Website Giveaway Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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#CloverStories from the 2016 Christmas Church Website Giveaway

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Who Did You Bless This Christmas? 

Thanks to our amazing Clover customers, we were able to give away hundreds of church websites last month.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We were so blessed by this and want to share some of the stories we heard from you.  

Stories from the 2016 Christmas Giveaway     

"We sent the link to Rocky Mountain Bible Mission (RMBM). Their current website makes me nostalgic for my Commadore 64. Ok, maybe not that bad, but....
     "RMBM is led by a collaborative effort of rural pastors. They would like a more current website, but also one that is easy to work and update. I think your gift to them will produce amazing results, and they will be thrilled at the ease of use, once we go live. THANK YOU for your generous offer!"

- Jon, Echo Church 

"We gifted the Clover site to a woman in our town who has started rescuing runaway teens and redeeming women out of the porn industry. Her website needs an upgrade to share the story of what God is doing."

- Clayton, City Lights Church

"We are blessing Adna Church. They've already got it up and running. Adna is a small community outside of a small town in Washington but the church there is growing and this new website has added to their momentum. Can't wait to see what happens next!"

- Nancy, Pacific Conference NA

"We work with around 100 church planters in the NW (in Oregon, Washington & N Idaho), and the majority of them would not easily have the resources to get such a classy site as Clover produces, so it was a JOY to be able to provide that opportunity for them! Thank you for doing this, and I hope you continue this practice in the future, as it is definitely a huge blessing to our people and I believe a win for the Kingdom! God bless!"

- Natalie, NW Planting

 "I am blessing... a local homeless ministry who is beginning a campaign to raise funds to renovate a building to use as a homeless shelter and expand their ministry. A web presence will greatly help them in this effort. Thank You, Clover!"

- John, Faith Goshen

"We are a 6 month old church plant who has benefited from other churches' generosity. This month we will be sending one of our resident pastors to plant a life-giving church in another community and wanted to bless him in some way....being a church plant we don't have a lot of financial capital, so we loved being able to bless him and his new work by freeing up his finances and partnering him with an amazing company. Thanks!" 

- Steve, church plant pastor

"I am blessing Mesilla Valley Christian School because they are an outstanding Christ-centered school that serves many families in our community. Their impact on the future generations is such an important contribution to our city and the kingdom of God!"

- Brian, Las Cruces, NM

"I sent the website opportunity to the head of the Counseling Center at my church. The head of the center has been talking about getting a website up and running and now he has the tools to do so. He seemed very excited when I talked with him about it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Clover site, and I hope he does, too."

- Chris, web support 

Did we miss your story?  -- we'd love to share the story of who you blessed! Add your story here or send an email or video to stories@cloversites.com.