*NEW* Prayer Layout Now Available! Blog Feature

By: Shannon Hinds

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*NEW* Prayer Layout Now Available!

Product Updates

With social distancing at its peak, churches and ministries are getting creative on how to engage their congregations online. At Clover, we make it our mission to help you solve the challenges that you’re facing. With the current state in mind, we’ve designed a prayer page that you can add to your website, to help your church members stay connected!

Clover Prayer Layout

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to add the prayer page to your website, customize it, and create an amazing place where your church members and visitors can submit prayer requests, and indicate that they have prayer for each other.


Add Prayer Page

Here is an excellent example of what your prayer wall can look like! Prayers can be submitted to the church or displayed to the public anonymously, so everyone can feel comfortable submitting their prayers. We also allow the submitter to include their contact information, so that church pastors or staff can reach out to those who do not wish to remain anonymous, to offer additional prayers and support.


Prayer Page Example


As an admin of the prayer wall, you can manage your prayer request with an easy-to-use dashboard. This will allow you to approve prayer requests, as well as obtain any pertinent contact information.


Prayer Manager


Check out this great new feature today, and help keep your congregation connected, even at a distance!

Visit “manage pages” in greenhouse to add this page to your website. For more information about Clover, visit CloverSites.com.