ICYMI - Clover Events is Live! #SummerofClover and How to Win! Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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ICYMI - Clover Events is Live! #SummerofClover and How to Win!

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Maybe you saw the emails, but we're really excited so we want to make sure you know! We’re announcing a new way to share and promote events on your church website - we call it Clover Events

Whether it's a youth retreat, family picnic day, or any activity, people can now come to your website for new or upcoming information. Clover Events allows you to create a beautiful calendar,feature your special events, sort and search for them -- and display it all on your website in a clear and compelling way. 

Clover Events makes displaying your events as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Add a page: apply the new Calendar/Events page type.
  2. Choose a page layout: gallery, grid, list and more.
  3. Add new events: create new events for all to see!            

You'll find Clover Events on your Greenhouse Dashboard - you're already all ready to go! And our support team has you covered with these articles to help you along the way. Don't forget to join the #SummerofClover and share one of your church's events on our Facebook page to win a prize pack!

Start creating your Clover Events calendar today and give your church's visitors lots of opportunities to connect and grow.


Now it's Time to Choose Your Own Adventure! How Will You Celebrate the Summer of Clover? 

summer of clover swag.jpgWe want to hook you up with all the goodies. It's not just about the new website features! Join us for the Summer of Clover and let us know how you're using your church website! Stay tuned next week for more announcements and learn how you can win prizes or a free website! 

  • If you're still on Clover Classic, now's the time to think again about upgrading to Clover Sites 3. The first 50 churches to upgrade will get a prize pack! Besides, upgrading is FREE to current Clover Classic customers! Click here to get started.  

  • Already on Clover Sites 3? Great! Share a page of your website with an event you built and we'll send you a prize pack for that, too! Find us on Facebook here. The first 50 who share an Event will get a Summer of Clover prize pack in the mail. 

  • Not yet a Clover customer? We hope to see you soon! Sign up for a demo and you could win a free website -- we're giving away one free site each week until the end of September.

Join us for the Summer of Clover. We want to hook you up with all the goodies and new features! 

Stay tuned for more announcements -- all summer long!