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By: Joanna Gray

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Green Thumbs: Edgewater Alliance

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Case Study: Edgewater Alliance Church

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients successfully transform websites for their churches. And now, we’re excited to share one of those success stories with you! Check out our Q&A with Susan Parry from Edgewater Alliance Church in Florida for an inside look at how working with Clover transformed their church’s presence online. Then take a look at their site for yourself at

How did you feel about your website before using Clover?

Up until 2009, we had an unattractive, homemade website that we desperately wanted to improve.


What made you decide to give Clover a try?

Our youth pastor at the time found Clover while researching our options. The rest of our team quickly jumped on board because it seemed like something we could use and manage without having to hire a website designer.


What was your experience like creating your church site with Clover?

Our first site was created with Clover Classic, and that wasn’t difficult at all. And that’s coming from me—someone who had absolutely no website design experience. About a year ago we made the switch to CS3, and that gave us so many more possibilities design wise. I was nervous about the switch, but I was able to pick up how to use the Advanced Mode with just a small learning curve.


In what ways did Clover relieve some of the stress of creating a great site?

Using a template with sections already designed is great for us. I’m all we’ve got in terms of a web designer on staff so it certainly takes the weight off of me!


What has your Clover site been like for congregation members and site visitors?

We decided to scale back in terms of information on the site and really geared it towards visitors wanting a little more info about Edgewater, and we’ve gotten great feedback. Most love the CS3 site because of its simplicity and relative ease of navigation.


What’s been your favorite part of managing your site with Clover?

It’s so easy to create an attractive website with Clover, even for an amateur like me! And when it’s not, there is always a rapid response from the support team.


Describe the process of making changes and updating information:  

I’ve had no issues at all! Once I got the hang of it, changing and updating anything on the site has been easy to do.


If you had to do it over again, would you use Clover again? 

I definitely would! Over the years we’ve researched other options for our site, but each time I quickly realized they would require so much more knowledge than I had. Even to use an outside contractor to design the site and then pass on to me to manage would require more knowledge than I had. I knew we were doing ourselves a favor by staying with Clover. The new CS3 sites are just beautiful and easy to use.


Next Steps:

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