The Bachelor Edition—11 Church Website Features We'd Give a Rose To Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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The Bachelor Edition—11 Church Website Features We'd Give a Rose To

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With pink and red and hearts everywhere you turn, Valentine’s Day must be on the horizon. Love is in the air and many are watching TV to catch up on all the sappy stories. One of the most-watched shows is The Bachelor, currently on its 26th season. Because we love a good love story, we thought we’d share our love of websites. Cheesy? Maybe. But we just can’t help it. We want to share The Bachelor Edition of our favorite church website features. Below are 11 features we’d give a rose to.

1. Themes

Creating a beautiful church website shouldn’t be overly complicated. Just like true love. (Que eye rolls). But seriously, themes make it easy to design the website you need to further your ministry. The Clover portfolio offers over 20 modern designs to choose from. And you can change out your theme as many times as you want. So you’re not stuck with one website for the entirety of your church’s existence. Freshen it up while your old site is still live.


2. Responsive Designs

More than half of web traffic online comes from mobile devices. Phones have basically become an attachment to our bodies. Because so many people will be viewing your church website from their phones and tablets, you’ll want to ensure that your site is mobile responsive. All Clover Sites are, in fact, responsive, which means they work on any device!


3. Easy-To-Use CMS

One of our favorite church website features is an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). With easy and advanced modes, as well as drag and drop options, editing your sites is simple. You don’t have to be a web designer to make content updates, upload your latest sermon, or include an upcoming event. A user-friendly CMS definitely gets a rose.


4. Events

A great way to get people connected at church is to host events.  An even better way for them to register for those events is through your website. Clover understands the importance of being able to make sign-ups easy for your ministry. So whether it’s a youth group movie night or the men’s breakfast, use events to build specific pages or sections.

5. Sermons and Media

Another church website feature to receive a rose is the sermons and media option from Clover Sites. Easily upload sermons, videos, and other media. Reach people with the gospel wherever they are. People are devouring video content more than any other content on the web. Having a platform that allows you to share your message through videos and media will make a big difference.


6. Prayer

One integral aspect of following God is the act of prayer. Clover Sites knows how churches and ministries operate, and we understand the importance of prayer. That’s why our ministry-focused sites allow you to use a prayer wall to keep track of prayer requests. It also provides site visitors with a way to pray for one another.


7. Forms

When it comes to forms, online giving and registration forms are a great way to instantly collect donations, sign up for events, and obtain volunteers. Remove the stress of event planning and receive payments or donations by going paperless. Digital forms are easy to use, and they are also a great tool to help ministry run smoothly. They are beneficial because of their versatility, simplicity, and automation.

 8. Giving

Online giving platforms help streamline the way churches collect, process, and manage money. It allows members to give their tithes online and contribute to specific giving campaigns electronically. Online giving provides a paperless transaction option. Hey, any way to make giving easier receives a rose in our book.


9. Social

We’re pretty sure you understand the importance of social media. #TheBachelor is just one hashtag, and it has over 524k posts! So why not leverage social media to draw more people to your website, and hopefully, more people to your church? Even better, link your social accounts directly to your church website. This way, people can easily share your content, sermons, and announcements to help spread the good news of the gospel.


10. Integrations

One of our favorite church website features to receive a hypothetical rose is the ability to integrate other church software. There are many digital tools to use for your ministry to run smoothly. That’s why Clover Sites integrates seamlessly with media, online giving, church management, live streaming, and a mobile app. Integrations help you accomplish even more through your website.


11. Support

Last, but certainly not least, our final rose goes to the Clover support team! Whatever you may need help with when it comes to your church website, our support staff is here for you when you need it. You’ll connect with a real person who is passionate about helping your church succeed. We enjoy seeing what God is doing through the local church, and it is our honor to help you spread God’s love.


Give a Rose to Clover Sites

All of Clover’s church website features are specifically crafted to serve your church. We are intentional in everything we do. If you’re ready for a website that will stand out, give a rose to Clover Sites. You can even try it out for free to find the best option that represents your ministry.