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By: Samantha Decker

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Church Podcasts 101

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This might come as a shock, but our world has gone digital on everything from grocery shopping to exercise (still trying to figure this one out)! This creates a unique opportunity for churches. Church websites are a great place to start, but why not kick it up a notch and start a church podcast to promote on that website, too?

Going digital with sermons in the form of podcasts is a great way for churches to promote their message and attract new visitors on a weekly basis. However, there are more reasons to create a church podcast than just attracting new visitors. We’ve discovered the top 5 reasons churches should start a podcast and we hope to inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to going digital and how the Lord can use it for His glory.


Reach the Masses

The beautiful thing about a podcast is that there are no limits when it comes to who can download the information you put out there. Since your pastor and other leaders spend time putting together sermons and information each week for people to learn from, why not promote it beyond the walls of your church? This provides a great opportunity for missionaries and other individuals around the world to subscribe to your church podcast and download your information anytime they desire to go deeper in their walk with Christ.

For example, the Life.Church podcast has over one-thousand reviews, not to mention subscribers and listeners.


Share the Message in a Podcast for More Meaningful Connection

Believe it or not, some people don’t fully connect with a message from simply listening to a sermon on Sunday morning. Some people like to have constant access to this information so they can learn and apply the message in their daily life. Putting each sermon in the form of a podcast gives them that accessibility. Even small groups discussing the sermon of the week can use a weekly podcast to refer back to important truths taught each Sunday.

Check out Bethel Church Sermon of the Week for a great example of this!


Share the Gospel with a Church Podcast

Going up to strangers, friends, or family can be intimidating when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Some people feel as if they are not equipped to share the Good News to those in their inner circle, but feel comfortable sharing things like social media posts and church podcast episodes.

Equipping those in your congregation with a weekly podcast could be the encouragement they need to share a piece of God’s heart with those around them. Whether they sit and listen to the podcast together or simply share it and let their loved ones listen on their own, it’s a great opportunity for someone to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Take a look at Passion City Church’s podcast for an example.


Inform New Visitors and Members Using a Church Podcast

One way people learn about a church is by looking at their church website. Often, these visitors will listen to the podcast messages to see if they connect with the content the pastor is presenting. If there is no way for someone to hear the sermon of the week, this can create a small hiccup in making sure new visitors have what they need when they visit your church website. Promoting a weekly podcast helps draw attention to the heart of your church and can tell people why you exist. Make sure to inform those around you as best as possible by promoting a weekly sermon podcast.

Gain some inspiration from Willow Creek Community Church’s podcast.


Archive Your Sermons With a Church Podcast

Creating a digital space for all your sermons is a great way to archive each sermon series you promote. Research has shown that people look through archives to find sermons on topics such as marriages, parenting, and addiction that can help church members in times of need. Often when a sermon is being preached, some people don’t connect with that message because they are not in that season of life, such as raising Godly children. Fast forward two years and that same person finds themselves married with a child on the way, and they are in desperate need of a biblical perspective on raising kids.

Accessing sermons from months and years past in an archive of podcasts is helpful to individuals in similar situations.

Take a listen to the Compass Bible Church podcast here.


Next Steps

A church podcast is just one piece of your online presence. Another extremely important part is your church website. Discover how your church website could further your ministry online with a free demo of Clover Sites.