[Free Resource] The Church Planter's Web Guide Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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[Free Resource] The Church Planter's Web Guide

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  • When you have a question, where's the first place you look for an answer?
  • When you're looking to find something in your community, where do you start?
  • When you want information, where do you look?

If you're answer to any and all of these questions isn’t the Internet, then we don’t know who you are.

Seriously, think about it! Can you remember a time before the Internet made it quick and easy to find the things you’re looking for? Do you even know someone who owns a phone book anymore? If you aren’t asking Google or Siri, you just aren’t finding it these days.

That’s why having a website is essential for a startup church (or really any church for that matter).

The good news is if you’ve made it this far then you probably already knew that.

Congratulations- you’ve already won half the battle! And creating a website with Clover makes winning that half of the battle simple and easy.

But if having a website is only half the battle for you as a church plant, what’s the other half? Reaching your audience!

If you want to be found and known in your community, you first have to be found and known online. 

In the resource, we break down how to reach:Church-Planter's-Web-Guide-Launch-Package-Landing-Page-Inset-Image

  • The New Visitor
  • The Regular Attender
  • The Engaged Member
  • The Mature Disciple

We hope these help you get your church plant's website prepared to reach more people online!