Stories from our Recent Christmas Church Website Giveaway Blog Feature

By: Samantha Decker

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Stories from our Recent Christmas Church Website Giveaway

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Who Did You Bless This Christmas? 

With Christmas quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to slow down and invite you in on something special. We want to provide you with the chance to gift a free Clover site to a church that you know could use it. Thanks to our amazing Clover customers, we have been  able to give away lots of church websites!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We were so blessed by this and want to share some of the stories we heard from you.  


Stories from our Recent Christmas Giveaway     

"We gave our gift this year to our Missions & Justice department who run a non-profit called Grace Aid. They are very excited and are enjoying building their site at the moment. Thanks again that we could bless them like this!"

- Karen, Grace Family Church 

"Thank you Clover! We have given our website to a church in Orange, Texas!  Many of their members' homes flooded during Hurricane Harvey.  We are so excited to be able to share this gift with them."

- Jennifer, Lakewood UMC

"I sent the Clover gift to St. John Lutheran, which is actually the sending congregation for our mission start, Cypress Chapel. They are hoping to streamline information and communication to families in our community in the future, and I pray that by using Clover they will have a clear communication path to achieve this goal."

- Stephen, Cypress Chapel

"I used to work for the Westhill Church of Christ in Corsicana, Texas. We have been Clover customers for 5+ years. During the summer I moved to a smaller church in Brighton, Colorado. Being a smaller church, they have utilized another company for their website for a few months, but it really needs help. When the Westhill church got the email to give a free site to someone, they offered it to the Brighton Church of Christ. We need all the help and blessings we can get. Thanks to the Westhill Church of Christ and Clover Sites, we have an opportunity to turn up our web presence."

- Sam, Brighton Church of Christ

"On June 11, 2017, we started letting a brand new church plant use our building for free.  They needed a place to meet, and as a former church planter, I know how hard it is to get started.  This a bi- lingual church with preaching in Spanish and interpretation in English.  There's not another church around that does it this way of a city of 110,000.  The website they have needed a lot of work and is  barely functioning.  Pastor Rey accepted this gift with thankfulness and I look forward to seeing it up and running. Thanks again!"

- Joe, Life Church

"Thanks again for offering a link to share a free website with another ministry.  I have a friend who just took a call to a new congregation in Auburn, CA and I checked in with him if a new website was something that he could use in this call.  I told him about Clover and he was excited, so I shared the link with him."

- John, Faith Lutheran Church

"I am glad to report that we gifted this website to a church planting resident of Reach Chicago (a church planting ministry in Chicago). Reach Chicago trains men to plant churches in the Chicagoland area and three men are currently working through the residency. It's a fairly rigorous training in the areas of church planting, leadership, spiritual formation and preaching. These men sacrifice a lot and we are grateful to help them in any way that we can. So thank you for this gift -- it will be used for the advancement of God's kingdom here on Earth."

- Jill, Life Spring Church

"I am very excited that Clover has again given us the gift of a new site! Thank you, Clover!  Recently, I joined a ministry new to our church—The Order of The Daughters of The King, an international ministry.  Our rector is looking forward to growing our chapter of the ministry and having a site for StPetersDOK."

- Mary, St. Peters

"I sent the link for the website to Stone-Campbell International. They are  an non-profit, Christian, organization that promotes scholarship within the Stone Campbell Movement branches of Christianity (among others as well, but that is their primary focus)... I really appreciate this gesture you all are doing"

- Bane, First Christian Church

Next Steps

You can send the link below to any church or ministry that may need help extending their digital reach. This coupon code waives the $500 setup fee so they only pay the monthly hosting fee of $29/month. That’s a $500 gift for you to share with any church that you’d like! This special offer expires at the end of the year, so you’ll just want to make sure to grab it before then!


We’d love to hear who you shared the gift with and why. Leave a comment or send an email to with your story so we can share in the love with you!