Who Will You Bless This Christmas? Free Clover Church Website Giveaway Blog Feature

By: Joanna Gray

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Who Will You Bless This Christmas? Free Clover Church Website Giveaway

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Attention Clover Customers:

Did you see the news? Until the December 31st, you can share the love and give away a Clover website -- FOR FREE.  Details here. 

If you haven't yet, we need your help to spread the word and help your favorite ministry.

We're so excited to hear how you use this gift. Our goal is to bless as many people as possible, and we hope you end up as excited about this as we are!

Here's How it Works:The idea is simple and beautiful. Just like Clover Sites.   

1. Find your custom URL link.  Check your email from Clover! (Search for subject line "Forward this email to give a free website to a friend" in your inbox.) 

2. Pick a church or ministry you love. Whoever you share your email with can use the coupon code to get their Clover Sites set up fee waived. Details here

3. Share the love! To get the church website, all the recipient needs to do is choose a site design, and complete the checkout process before midnight on the 31st of December. 

Last But Not Least... Share Your Story!

We want to thank you for doing this with us and being part of our family. It's been so encouraging to hear your stories of how God's been moving and we'd love to hear more!

Add your story here or email your story to stories@cloversites.com.

For some inspiration and encouragement, check out a few stories we've gotten from you in the past. 

From Jeff Burton, Freelance Video Producer:

December Giveaway - Jeff from Clover on Vimeo.


From JD Dirks, Pastor at Calvary Chapel Maryville:

"Today we sent your link to our sister church in the Ukraine. The fellowship was located in Lugansk but was dispersed due to the conflict. With separatist anti-aircraft sites on the buildings surrounding them the pastor thought it safest/best.

Hours before you sent the offer to us the pastor of that dispersed flock sent us an update on his ministry and expressed an interest in beginning web worship services for the scattered sheep of his fellowship and for those who cannot assemble due to war.

Then I received your email informing us of your offer to give away sites! God's timing is always perfect! Thank you, Clover. Have no doubt, the decision you made was a Spirit-led decision."


From Elmer Cummings - Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church:

"I have a good friend who serves as an evangelist -- David Crain, New Life Ministries. His current website is nice enough but it's difficult to get changes/updates made to the site. So, I've been telling him for some time he should switch over to Clover. I was with him this summer and once again showed him the ease of a Clover site and he seemed interested. In fact, I think he's already worked with one of your demos.

The reason this gift is so special is that David's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago. Their insurance proved not to be worth much. Their medical bills have been a huge burden on them. In fact, they have had to sell a lot of possessions in order to pay for treatments, surgeries, medications, etc. Not only have they done that without complaint but they have often talked about how grateful they were that God had blessed them with the things to sell.

These are just wonderful people who have been used by God to minister to thousands of people and getting a gift like this is not only helpful to them but timely!"

Look for more stores to come -- we'd love to share yours! Add your story here or send an email or video to stories@cloversites.com.