Best Practices for Live Streaming Your Church Services This Holiday Season Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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Best Practices for Live Streaming Your Church Services This Holiday Season

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Cooler weather means the holidays are just on the horizon. That also means it’s time to start planning all the fun Christmas festivities your church will be doing. Though churches are open this year, you may still be considering hosting an online church service. We think this is a great idea because you can engage even more people with the gospel this holiday season.  

People have their own traditions every year; for some, those include attending church together. And as much as others desire to do the same, they also want to spend time with family and friends. Or maybe they’re traveling for the holidays. Some simply wish to be at home, cozy by the fireplace.  

It’s already a busy season, why not offer live streaming of your Christmas services in addition to any of the in-person events you plan on hosting? Some people don’t feel comfortable or maybe they’re under the weather and aren’t able to attend. Live streaming makes it possible for everybody to still celebrate as a church family.  

So, for those who won’t be able to make it to your in-person services, encourage your people to grab a cup of cocoa, snuggle up in a blanket, and enjoy your church’s Christmas services from the comfort of their home. 


Streaming Ideas for Holiday Services 

There are many different ways you can engage your congregation and also reach beyond the walls of your church this Christmas. Below are some ideas on how you can use live streaming for holiday services. 

Christmas or Christmas Eve Services 

A pretty obvious way to connect with your online congregation is to offer your Christmas and/or Christmas Eve services digitally. This will allow those people who are out of town or busy with family to still connect.  

Christmas Play 

Another fun way to engage others is to offer a Christmas play or musical online. This could be done in-person and also offered via live stream. Plays can be a beautiful way to share the story of Christ’s birth in a narrative.  

Christmas Choir 

Many churches have a special choir on Christmas. Consider bringing people together for a choir concert that can be live streamed for many people to enjoy. 

Children’s/Youth Program 

Everybody loves watching kids act out the Christmas story. Having a live streamed version allows for family and friends to attend who aren’t local. You can even create Christmas-related Sunday school lessons and activities and have kids tune in at a specific time.  

Live Streaming Best Practices 

Before pressing record this Christmas, here are some best practices to ensure your live streaming runs smoothly. 

  1. Do a test run before going live. 
    Be sure to do run a test live stream to ensure all your equipment, both video and audio are working properly.  
  2. Include the online audience. 
    Acknowledge those who are watching online during your event. Give them a welcome greeting and let them know they are a part of service too. 
  3. Have a team for live chat and prayer. 
    One way to engage those online viewers is to have a team in place to chat with them during the holiday event.  
  4. Start the live stream early.  
    Begin your live stream before the designated start time. Have a countdown clock and music while people log on. 
  5. Promote the live stream service. 
    Whatever you’re doing for your live stream services, be sure to let people know about it all ahead of time. You’ll have more people attend online if more people are aware.  
  6. Simulcast on social media.  
    Aside from making your livestream available on your church website, simulcast it to your church’s social media platforms to reach your existing audience.  

Next Steps 

Be sure you’re ready this holiday season to engage even more people with live streaming. Clover’s got you covered with Get started today with your 30-day, free live streaming trial.