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By: Samantha Decker

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6 Ways to Get Creative With Your Church Live Stream

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Scripture makes it clear that we are to go out and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). In an increasingly digital world, we can now use a variety of resources to pursue this mission online. Church live streaming is a powerful tool that can support your church’s efforts to share the Gospel.

If you are new to live streaming, you’ll quickly see that live streaming church sermons and even church events provide a unique experience to those watching online. However, how can you take it further? What can you do to get creative and ensure your church live stream is having its intended impact?

Take a look at these five creative ways to help your church think outside the box when it comes to live streaming.

1. Use Your Church Live Stream to Help Potential Visitors Learn About Your Church

If someone is in the beginning stages of learning about Christianity, it may seem overwhelming to head to the nearest church and join a large group of unfamiliar people, especially when they have no idea what to expect. However, if they are able to watch a few church live streaming services online before they go, they could get a handle on what to expect.

Live streaming could actually give someone the confidence to enter your church doors for the first time. With people who may be interested, but are too nervous to jump in head first, live streaming is a great opportunity for them to join anxiety-free.

2. Use Church Live Streaming to Connect Missionaries to Their Home Churches

In the mission field, people often talk about how hard it is to not have opportunities to worship in their “heart languages.” Church live streaming can make this possible. Reach out to missionaries who have been sent out from your church and encourage them to gather a group of people (if possible) to listen to the truths being spoken at the time of your sermon. These missionaries can even recruit translators to make sure God’s truth is being spoken accurately and intentionally to whoever may desire to hear it.

3. Incorporate Communion in Your Church Live Stream

One great way to engage those listening at home is to incorporate communion as a part of your live stream experience. Offer to send pre-packed communion cups to each home that requests one so your church members, especially the elderly who might not be able to attend your service but want to stay connected to your church community, can follow along with your live stream and partake in communion. Here is an example of a pre-packed communion cups your church can use.

4. Live Stream More Than Sermons

When you think of church live streaming, don’t limit yourself to thinking solely of live streaming sermons. What if you could live stream women’s bible studies, men’s bible studies, and other key classes your church offers? Live streaming these gatherings and lessons can create an intentional community that grows together in knowledge for the sake of the Gospel. This type of live streaming can also benefit those who are being sent into different neighborhoods, cities, and countries all for the sake of teaching. Consider a live streamed couples Bible study for parents of young children who will appreciate a chance to participate without hiring a babysitter.

5. Make Online Giving Easy With Church Live Streaming

If you have ever stepped back and listened while people worship together on a Sunday morning, you can hear the power of a group of people proclaiming Jesus’ name. That type of encouragement in worshipping our living Savior can be felt through church live streaming, too. Provide prompts and encouragement for viewers to give during your church’s live stream. Make sure they can click a prompt on your website’s live streaming page and easily give online and arrange recurring giving. Incorporate slides online as you pass the basket in church.

6. Promote Upcoming Events with Your Church Live Stream

Use your church live stream to promote events by incorporating slides during announcements so that those watching remotely are aware of ways they can plug into your activities and service opportunities.

Hope Lutheran

Both Hope Lutheran Church and Goshen Seventh Day Adventist Church use their Clover Site live stream layout to promote events even when they’re not live. Instead of a blank box and a countdown to the next live session, they incorporate a series of slides reminding those who visit the page during off-hours of upcoming events and opportunities.



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