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By: Ashley DeKock

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6 Tips for Giving Tuesday

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In an attempt to teach my almost 3-year-old about thankfulness this year, I created a “Thankful Turkey.” Every day in November, we add a new feather to the turkey with something that he is thankful for. Currently, those include windows, excavators, and everyone in the family except Mommy (of course). Sometimes, just like my son, your congregation needs to be reminded of the things God has given to them, and that there are people who are going without those very things they take for granted. This is where a church website Giving Tuesday campaign comes in. 

What is Giving Tuesday?

During a crazy time of year focused on consumerism and material possessions, Giving Tuesday is a day designed to do just the opposite — a day to focus not on yourself, but giving to causes. 

Giving Tuesday takes place annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which means that this year, it will take place on December 3. As a church, you have an opportunity to identify a cause and put together a Giving Tuesday strategy that helps to inspire your members to give.

Year-End Giving Guide for Churches

For more on Giving Tuesday, check out the official website here.

Why Should Your Church Participate?

Let’s be real, this time of year is crazy. Not only are you trying to not skip Thanksgiving, but you are also prepping all things Christmas along with year-end giving and planning for next year, too. It’s a lot. So, why should you add Giving Tuesday to the mix? Here are just a few reasons:

  • It’s an opportunity to look beyond your walls and the needs of your church. 
  • Supporting a cause makes it easy for new donors to jump on board.
  • Giving Tuesday can give your online giving a boost.
  • Scripture is clear that we are to give generously and cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Tips for Giving Tuesday at Your Church

Giving Tuesday doesn’t have to take a ton of time or resources, however, it can make a big impact. Here are a few tips for implementing a Giving Tuesday strategy at your church.

Choose a Worthy Cause

Don’t just choose the first cause or organization that you see. Choose something that your members will relate to and support. 

Utilize Your Church Website

Before you get started, create a page on your church website (take a look at how easy that is here) that details what Giving Tuesday is, what your church is supporting, your giving goals, and how people can get involved. Be sure to include a link to give straight from that page, too.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Once you’ve identified the cause and created the page, it’s time to get the word out. Here are a few low-cost ways to promote your Giving Tuesday campaign:

  • Post to your social media accounts using a hashtag
  • Announce it from the pulpit
  • Encourage small group leaders to announce it in class
  • Send an email to your members (be sure to include the link to your online giving)

Make it Fun

Don’t just make this another church fund. Create a campaign that is fun and focused on the spirit of giving. Offer incentives, create competition, and/or get your staff involved. For example, maybe your pastor will agree to shave his beard once a certain level is reached, or give the small group class that gives the most a donut party. 

Offer Easy Online Giving

The harder and more complicated it is to give, the less likely people are to donate. This is where simple online giving comes in. Make sure that you have an online giving system that makes it easy for people to give anywhere, anytime. This could include text-to-give as well as online giving through your church website.

Keep People Updated

Finally, people don’t want to give and then never hear about their money again. Keep people updated on how much has been given, what is being done with the money, and the impact it is making. 

Next Steps

It’s not too late to implement a Giving Tuesday strategy at your church. However, you need an online giving system first. Learn more about our no-monthly-fee plan here. Plus, download our new guide to year-end giving! 

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