4 Ways Your Church Website can Increase Generosity During #GivingTuesday Blog Feature

By: The Clover Team

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4 Ways Your Church Website can Increase Generosity During #GivingTuesday

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As the weather turns colder and the leaves change color, the holiday season is fast approaching. Your church teams may be brainstorming fall festivals, Thanksgiving sermons, and gearing up for Christmas.  

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday driving consumerism and gift giving, another major event that is associated with that time of year is #GivingTuesday. It is a great time to inspire your church to focus on gratitude, generosity, and fulfilling the commandment to love one another (Mark 22:39).  

Aside from talking to your congregation and speaking about generosity, your church website can help promote Giving Tuesday and the cause(s) your church is supporting. In this article, you’ll find four ways your website can increase generosity during this season. 


About #GivingTuesday 

Giving Tuesday is a day designed to encourage people to give back to causes and issues that matter to them with the goal of creating a “massive wave of generosity.” They state that “everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts.” 

Giving Tuesday occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is November 30th this year. It was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Similar to how Black Friday represents the beginning of the holiday shopping season, Giving Tuesday is the kickoff to the charitable giving season.  

There are multiple ways to get involved in the holiday, whether it’s giving your time, a donation, your voice, or a helping hand. Individuals, non-profits, businesses, and religious organizations participate in the movement. 

Why Your Church Should Get Involved in #GivingTuesday 

Though Giving Tuesday was created for all types of non-profits, it can be especially beneficial for faith-based associations and churches. This event unites people around the world in doing good, which makes Giving Tuesday the perfect time to raise donations for a special fund or mission that your church is organizing. It’s always a great opportunity to partner with other organizations in your community to make a difference.  

Make a Plan 

We know it’s exciting, but before you and your church leaders do anything, it’s important to make a plan.  

  • Create a timeline of everything related to your Giving Tuesday campaign.  
  • Choose which organization, event, or ministry your church is going to support.  
  • Update your website with Giving Tuesday information.
  • Spread the word with promotions about your cause. 

Below, you’ll find specific tips on how your church website can help you make a difference. 


Your Church Website Can Increase Generosity on #GivingTuesday 

You’ll want to be sure to update your website so people can easily participate in Giving Tuesday and donate their time, talent, or treasure to the cause you’re supporting. 

#GivingTuesday Landing Page 

Design a giving page on your church website that’s dedicated to Giving Tuesday. This can be a landing page that your email and social media posts link to with more information about your church’s involvement in Giving Tuesday.  

The giving landing page should also include a button with a clear call to action, like “Give Now,” that links to your online giving platform. Since Giving Tuesday occurs midweek and not on a Sunday, it’s imperative that your congregation has easy access to make the donations they are feeling led to make.

Fund Management 

With Clover Give, you have the option to create various fund categories. When people make a donation, they can choose on the giving form where they want their money to go, whether that’s a new campus building, a specific ministry, missions, etc.  

For this day of generosity, you can use this opportunity to create a Giving Tuesday fund category, where people can donate directly to whichever cause or organization you want to support. That way when people give, they know that their donations are going directly to the campaign fund. 

Volunteer Registration 

Giving Tuesday isn’t only about contributing money. Your church can take this opportunity to also encourage volunteerism and service. Depending on what your church decides to do for Giving Tuesday, they could sign up to serve at the local food pantry, reach out to neighbors, or provide meals to the homeless.  

With forms from Clover Sites, we make it easy for people to register to volunteer. Simply create a customizable form for your Giving Tuesday event where they can input their contact information and choose where/how they’d like to serve. 

Online Giving Options 

An online giving solution allows your church the capability to collect charitable gifts online. And since Giving Tuesday is a 24-hour, online giving event, you’ll need digital giving tools to make the most out of it. Clover Give has online, mobile, and text options!  

An analysis from the Giving Tuesday team showed substantial growth in online giving in mid-2020. Online fundraising tools can encourage generosity not only for this annual event, but it can also spark generosity within your church in months to come. So, implementing online giving through your website is crucial. 


Next Steps 

If your church has never participated in Giving Tuesday before, this year is a great time to start! It’s a simple way to talk about generosity and encourage new and seasoned givers alike to participate in something bigger than themselves. Be a part of the movement.  

Clover Sites is here to help. Create a beautiful church website with easy access for your congregation to give! Contact us today to get started. For more tips to help you launch a Giving Tuesday campaign at your church, check out our webinar.